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CCC #1: Creatures Cycling

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Creatures Cycling
Working Title
Welcome to the first of hopefully more than one Community Collaboration Challenge! The goal of these challenges is to spread the Anim8or name by completing polished art and then posting it on sites like DeviantArt, Youtube, CGSociety, or other channels and saying, "This was made entirely in Anim8or".

These are challenges where the entire Anim8or community collaborates to make a still render or animation based on a theme or idea. This first challenge will have a preset theme, but future themes can be decided on by the members who participated in the last one.


* ALL modeling, animating, and rendering will be done in Anim8or
* UVMapping, Texturing, and Post-Production (touch-ups and composition) can be done in other software.
* Third-party tools revolving around Anim8or (such as Terranim8or or MorphIt) are allowed
Current Theme: Creatures Cycling

* Multiple (2+) creatures (non-human, either animals or fictional organisms) are riding a single bicycle.
* This is a still render
* Try to convey both motion and emotion
Development Cycle (Current, Completed, Upcoming)

* Concept: Make a rough sketch of what you think the scene should look like. Add comments to explain your ideas. Vote on your favorite concept in 2 weeks (June 23rd)
* Modeling and texturing: A list of all the needed models and such will be made, and anyone can pick anything to work on. First come, first serve. Post your progress and receive critiques. You can work on only one item at a time.
* Rigging: Rigging of models is first come first serve. Any user may take another's "finished" rig and improve it.
* Scene Composition: This is a competition, where any user may pose and set up their version of the concept using the pre-made content. No final renders and only basic lighting. Vote on the best composition
* Final Lighting and Rendering: This is an independent collaboration, where any user may setup their own lighting and touch-up the textures where needed, and perform post-production. Users share their files and receive critiques, and can pick up someone else's work to try and improve it. Best final render is voted on.
So that's it! We're now in the Modeling and texturing development cycle. First come, first serve! If a task isn't taken, post here to let us know that you're working on it. Then post your WIPs here. If you have any questions, ask away!

Modeling-Only Task List (Taken, Complete)

* Frog: A young-ish looking frog. Probably similar to this. Make sure it's rig-able for maximum effectiveness. ( Raxx )
* Lizard: Young-ish as well. Could look like this. Can probably model it in its natural pose. ( kreator )
* Sailor suit: Like this. Modeled over the lizard and frog. Can only be started after the lizard and frog is finished.
* Classic tandem bicycle: Something like this. A basket would probably be a nice addition. Make sure the seats can be adjusted, and that the pedals and wheels can be rotated. ( kreator )[/s]
* Background

* Classic 1950s house: Does not need to be heavily detailed. Exterior only. ( CrashDrive )
* Paved street with curb, driveway, and plot of land for house with lawn and sidewalk
* Telephone poles: With power lines ( captaindrewi )
* Classic lawn ornaments: Birdbath, pink flamingos, etc. Three lawn ornaments max
* Individual grass strands: PHUR will be used to to generate the lawn(s) using the strands. Make 3 of them, all standing straight up.
* Foliage: 2 Large Trees, 2 small trees, 2 bushes. Try avoiding transmaps if possible.
* Classic 1950s car: Does not need to be heavily detailed. ( $imon )
Note that modeling and texturing are two separate stages. Do not unwrap or texture anything, that's for later! Also, this list may be subject to change.

The Idea
The idea is to mimmick miniature photography using the diorama effect. The subject will be a lizard and frog riding a tandem bicycle in a classic setting. There will be a 1950s-style house in the background with a 1950s car in the driveway. The lawn will have a few lawn ornaments in it. The lizard and frog will be riding by on their tandem bike, and will be the primary objects in focus.

Hello Raxx, neat idea, something that I like Collabaration!... I hav`nt really got into a concept drawing yet,but prefer to doodle about with anim8or, so here is my idea for an animal Could be nice and furry with Phur,like a mammoth! Done on my XP laptop whilst at work, will get back to it shortly when I`m home on the desktop.

Just a video for bicycle inspiration:

Will think about a creature for the bicycle. No good at drawing though, we'll see.

My idea is in the exact opposition to $imon's idea  :D :

This looks the business....

Two animals on a bike .... does it have to be pedal powered? hmmm.


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