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CCC #1: Creatures Cycling

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Hey Raxx,

It is good to finish this stage and move on..

I've made some adjustments to Lionel, see attachment.. The feet are still a bit of an issue, but maybe it's sufficient to pose.

I'll make some grass strands .. not good with trees. Crashdrive, I liked the one you made, maybe you can make another bigger one to use? Raxx, the one you made was cool as well.. but my an8 crashed when I tried to move it!  :P

CD: I guess any tree would do, an old one would  be nice of course :P I'll fix the shingles for you !

Don't worry about the time - there are some other things that  need to be modeled as well in the meantime.

Yea lizards aren't really made to cycle, maybe we can lower the seat for him? or let the frog do all the work ;)

Alright, here's an updated file with all the elements included & all the textures. See the render for the total picture.

I've added some deck chairs to the mix.
There is also an Object with just the elements that make up the different ground planes on which the grass can be spread using Raxx' PHur plugin.

Alright, added a working mouth/tongue. The clothes are taking longer than expected. I just need to make a sailor hat and tie, and then unwrap and texture all of it. Update attached.

[edit] Hat and tie done.

Looking great, Raxx!
that's one character all modeled, cool!

I've made a tree to go with the house
Kept the leaves pretty big, so that it won't have too many polies, hope it looks good enough though.
Added the tree to the main file:


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