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--- Quote from: Raxx on March 29, 2014, 11:07:16 pm ---thecolclough, if I may make a counter argument...
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i get that the current 'grid snap' isn't a real grid snap, and i never said i thought a real grid snap would be a bad idea (i guess what i said could have been misconstrued that way, but it wasn't intended) - on the contrary, i'm sure it'd be a very useful function.  :)

re: the alternative tools you mentioned:

* if i'm looking to edit a mesh, then 'move points' does exactly what i'm talking about.  no problems there.
* but there isn't an equivalent tool to move entire elements in bulk.  i've sometimes found myself having to move several elements by the same amount, with the final resting places being off-grid, and it'd be a right nuisance having to do all the maths and then type in separate position values for each of the elements.  this could be done with a 'move elements' tool that behaves the same as 'move points' (except for whole elements, obviously), but said tool doesn't yet exist that i'm aware of, hence my fondness for the current pseudo-grid.  but i agree that a proper grid-snap and a 'move elements' function would make for a better tool set than the current pseudo-grid.i think i might have accidentally ended up making a feature request there, mightn't i...  :o

OK we can have it both ways.  As a first try, the next update will use Absolute values by default, and Relative values when the Shift key is held down at the start of the edit operation.  I've implemented this for Point-Edit Move for meshes and splines as a start and will look as others.

sounds like a good solution to me, steve  :D

May be side tracking the thread, since I have not played with the "ruler," but wondering if there is a way to "lock down" the background grid to keep it from resizing. Locking the grid down would give me a consistent size "reference" and help me keep things to scale. Sorry if this has been asked/answered or in the manual.


Set to Fixed.


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