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Build 1097 adds support for OpenGL GLSL shaders.

Originally Anim8or used ARB fragment program assembly language shaders because many Anim8or users' graphics didn't support GLSL. Currently there shouldn't be any visible differences between the two shaders. GLSL is easier to write than assembly language and I will be improving the graphics. I'm toying with the idea of user written shaders of some form, either in ASL or graphically, but this is still a bit in the future.

Please let me know if you find any differences between GLSL and the ARB shaders (and of course any bugs that you find). You can toggle through shader types with the <Ctrl-B> key: GLSL -> ARB -> OpenGL Materials.

Note: there are slight differences in the shading between OpenGL Materials and the shader language because:
1) OpenGL Materials use vertex lighting and shaders use per-pixel lighting, and
2) Shaders use true Phong shading while OpenGL Materials use a half-angle reflection for specular hilights.

Hi Steve.
I had a quick  look at the new GLSL shaders.I had seen before on the run
shader editing, but never  per material. Surely save a lot of uniforms.
I noticed that if you modify a material a new shader program is created,
but the old one is not deleted.At first, I thought you kept it for the undo
function,but it's not the case since  undo creates a new one.
Thought I'd let you know.
Hope it helps.

Thanks, Claude, I'll fix it. I don't want to go about leaking resources everywhere!

What software are you using to see that? Do you have a good OpenGL tracer/debugger?

You're welcome.
Since I have a Nvidia card, i would like to use Nsight for Visual Studio ,but I
have the VS Express Edition that doesn't support plugin.
Instead,I use AMD CodeXL.It's a free standing app.Very useful.Not perfect,
but a lot better than total darkness.


Additional comment in Reply #24


--- Quote from: Steve on August 28, 2014, 03:53:44 pm ---What software are you using to see that? Do you have a good OpenGL tracer/debugger?

--- End quote ---
Steve I recommend gDEBugger as a good opengl specific debugger! It's saved my butt a few times already.


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