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Figure Editor: Simultaneously Add, Lengthen, Rotate Bones

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Now the fast bone work fine in 1166 version!! :)
hey Steve what you know about to make the fast bones in figure mode we can "add new bone and together rotate the bone?" is very usefull for us! thanks!

hi Steve,
can in new versions insert this functions in Figure Mode?
in Fast Mode "enabled multiple activated buttons" on creation of new bone:
++ 1 - allow in moment of "add new bone" [rotate] and [change the length] in same time!

+ 2 - in "existing bones" allow  [rotate] and [change the length] in same time!

is very usefull and time saved and "smooth" bones creations!! :)

in atual mode the buttons has "switch" activation in this my idea we can enable this 3 buttons togheters(is the same atual way one click "on", click again "off") but without the "switch" ...
i think that this is simple for implements in FAST MODE! :)

what you and the guys think about this? 8)

ps: Thanks for this new version!

 Hi neirao
 If 3 functions are enabled, new bone, new length and rotate bone.
I suppose things are then dependant on mouse button, eg: Left mouse for new bone, middle mouse button for length, and right mouse for rotate.
 If that's the plan, then '+1'. 

I think what neirao wants is something that's standard in just about all animation software now---click and drag bones. Anim8or has a lot of catching up to do in the rigging and animation department...

This video I recorded just now. The user should be able to make bones easily and naturally like this, and also the bones shouldn't be restricted to the end points of their parents, with the ability to move the bones (both when rigging and animating).

I forgot to include, you can click and drag around the endpoints of the bones as well, allowing you to scale and rotate the bones by moving the endpoints rather than the awkward method of rotating, then scaling, then rotating, then scaling, then rotating, then scaling, then rotating, then scaling, then rotating, then scaling, then rotating.

Oh, and let's not forget being able to set parent/child relationships for any bone regardless of if they're connected or not...

YEESSS Raxx! is this!
Your video explains perfectly! ;D
would be an amazing form of using the Anim8or!

thanks for made this video(very professional)


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