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Trackball Rotation for Bones

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The Bone Rotate tool in Build 1175 uses a trackball. You can rotate bones in 6 different ways with just the left mouse button. Here's a screen shot:

The colored arcs rotate the joint around an axis in the bone's local coordinate system: Green for X, Blue for Y and Violet for Z. Click-drag in the direction of the arc to rotate the bone.

The outer ring rotates the joint around the screen's Z axis, and the Yellow arrows rotate it around the screen's X and Y axes.

You can also click directly on any bone and rotate it with the mouse just like the previous tool worked. In this case the LMB rotates in the screen Z axis, MMB in the screen X axis, and RMB in the screen Y axis.

Note: Priority is given to the trackball controls, so clicking on a bone that's mostly covered by these controls can be a bit tricky to do. That shouldn't be a big problem because the controls should be as easy or easier to use. But allowing this makes it possible to click-drag on an unselected bone and rotate it without first having to select it, so I thought that this would be useful to support.

Give a big Thanks! to raxx for his feedback on the design.

 ;D Wow Steve!!
Amazing news Features!! TrackBalls very Helpfull!
PS: and Thanks for implements the 'Dia' value question.
Thanks!! :)

in this version the new Button "that allows rotation and changing the length" of bones
no work the "lenght" only previuos version, work very well..
is a bug?

PS: Nice if you implements the 'TrackBall' in 'Sequence Mode' too! :)

Looks good... but everything goes turgid in figure mode, computer slows down terribly, figure doesn't immediately import and soon crashes after trying to move and rotate.

STEEEVE!! You did it!!! WOW! I haven't tried it yet but I CAN'T WAIT!
Steve, I can't stress enough that you are THE HERO of independent software developers!!!


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