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Animated Textures Using Controller Scripts

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Thank you very much raxx! I think that it it would be helpful even though i am not really good at scripting language! :)

@Raxx  I tried to replace the screen images with my sequence, and that's the only way I can make it kinda work. And all the crashing. I dunno what's the problem. Maybe I'm idiot  :) :) :)
   I've been using terranim8or 6 for the urgent project, but it's a pain in the ass because it doesn't have normal maps. I had to edit all 150 materials of it.
   Maybe Steve will do something about animated material soon. I mean, it's a useful and much-needed function anim8or should have. And maybe a displacement map.
   Maybe a possible way to solve this problem sooner would be the creator of Terranim8or to add the normal maps...

@daniel99 Sorry, haven't been able to get to this. Have you been switching between the Scene editor and the other editors a lot? I recommend disabling animation using the sprites_enabled controller and saving before leaving the scene editor, to avoid crashing as much as possible.


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