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Animated Textures Using Controller Scripts

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Thank you very much raxx! I think that it it would be helpful even though i am not really good at scripting language! :)

@Raxx  I tried to replace the screen images with my sequence, and that's the only way I can make it kinda work. And all the crashing. I dunno what's the problem. Maybe I'm idiot  :) :) :)
   I've been using terranim8or 6 for the urgent project, but it's a pain in the ass because it doesn't have normal maps. I had to edit all 150 materials of it.
   Maybe Steve will do something about animated material soon. I mean, it's a useful and much-needed function anim8or should have. And maybe a displacement map.
   Maybe a possible way to solve this problem sooner would be the creator of Terranim8or to add the normal maps...

@daniel99 Sorry, haven't been able to get to this. Have you been switching between the Scene editor and the other editors a lot? I recommend disabling animation using the sprites_enabled controller and saving before leaving the scene editor, to avoid crashing as much as possible.

In trying to see why your animation script crashes Anim8or for me (build 1318, Win 7 64 bit) I discovered, at least for me, the following:
1. Start a new project.
2. Go to Scene mode and create a Controller under World and assign a new Key in the time line.
3. Save and close the project.
4. Reopen the project.

Anim8or crashes either on opening the project or when selecting Scene mode. This is in part why your script fails for me.

Doesn't seem to matter if it's a boolean controler or float, first key frame or later.

I atttached an example an8 file.

dancingshoes: thanks for the sample project. I'm working on a fix.


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