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Animated Textures Using Controller Scripts

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Oh goodness, so much to it, but very promising.

Now, could I apply this to a flat texture, say, like water? That way it looks like it's flowing.

Someday I'll have to sit down and try all this.

Yeah, you can apply it to a huge body of water that has the water texture tiled, and assuming it's a seamless flowing animation, it'll look like the entire body is flowing in one direction.

I believe I am having a duh moment I cannot locate said attachments for your tutorial

It's located at the bottom of the first post as an attachment, under where the video tutorial is located. You'll need 7-zip or a modern file archiver/extractor program to extract the contents of the .7z file.

Talked about duh moment wasn't logged in before asking question, thank you for the locale and your hard work on this most awesome method keep up the good work, we appreciate it greatly.
After actually attempting to view both an8 files I realized that all picture files are PNG and can't load them might use gimp to export to jpg unless im missing some awesome feature of an8 that i havent figured out yet


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