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Trying to figure out what the hotkey is to seperate meshes.

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 ;D Hah, funny! And that will be great. Many ( if not all ) expressed a wish for that. As for the "l" short cut, since none of the commands in the build menu, exept for group-ungroup (g-u), have any short cut at all,it's definitely not a problem at all. Then maybe if it's not a hard thing to do, to remove this possibility ( split solids in Point Editor ) by simply "turning it off" as it happens with other commands when the requred elements are not selected, so the "l" short cut will cut only selected edge loops and do nothing, as it supposed to do, when edge loops are not selected?

For to separate jointed meshes i use a script "XLoom_separator.a8s"...
attached below.
Works very well! :)

Nice neirao. 8) Though if Steve will implement it into Build menu in Object Editor will be good.

A new Buiid->SplitSolids command will be in the next drop.


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