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OW44 - for facebook group animation challenge

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I'm putting together my entry for the Other Worlds 30S animation challenge in the facebook group.

The story line is a cooker, called Other World 44, blows up and ends up in Orbit, meets some satellites, then falls back to earth.

My animation will be built from 4 sets Ė Kitchen, Outside house, going to Orbit, In Orbit

Kitchen is coming on but there are loads of objects to make for the introductory visual explanation:

The automated stirring contraption gives OW44 arms that I will use later:

Outside the house (very short scene) I havenít started but Iíve got idea for what it will be.

OW44 going into Orbit (very short scene) I have a rough sketch

In Orbit - very few objects to model but more animation and interaction, OW44 will interact with 2 satellites although there are 6 satellites in total:

Test render of the opening in Orbit scene:

Other world scene 2 animation: this scene is short, 3-4S. OW44 blows up and goes through the roof.  I always imagined it happening on the rear roof where you canít see it. You just see OW44 and a load of roof tiles appear from behind the ridge. I wondering if it would be better going through the front roof to make it more obvious? 

The finished animation (3 months later)! :)

Theo Gales:
This is so interesting...I like the objects around the kitchen like the band aids,papers ,the billboard so cool...
My suggestions:
To make it more appealing you could add an actual explosion to the house when the cooker exits through the roof and also literally ruin the roof
.To approach this you can create that house as a 3d model....and create a morph target of the broken roof /
Add an explosion as an overlay using after effects or particles or particle illusion even blender  8)

Great work dude!


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