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Theo Gales:
So I decided to take a look at anim8or...took me like 3 days to create this to say anim8or is so cool...I am a blender user though.

Wellcome and nice char!
i will try make animation with her?
if yes, post here :)

Welcome; the other guy looks good

Are there any particular features of anim8or that stand out?  I've always found it very intuitive, and keep finding things I never knew it could do :)

Theo Gales:
Sorry for the late replies I am using midnight bundles....
@ neirao : I have managed to rig him as you can see the default pose was T-pose but I realised anim8or have not so friendly rigging weights the deformations are a bit weird...but I managed to tweak him...every part of him including finger see...attached
However I am using him a a test subject

Theo Gales:
@ AlecJames
The an8 scripts is so interesting...I have developed my php auto scripts to simplify my work with anim8or I don't really have to open the program to do everything.I have one script that can automate lip sync for makes use of papagayo moho file....
I call it moho8
The other one can automatically make colour changing objects(animated colour changing) using colour gradient generator to make beautiful colour fade in and outs
...The other one can automates embedding of animated videos like you can run animated videos or in anim8or scene mode
Lastly one that can automate obj shape shifting
I just haven't made these scripts user friendly yet
I am still experimenting with anim80r


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