I have been seeing many people interested in Depth of Field (DOF) lately within the Anim8or community with the new version of the program having a Depth channel. Its actually quite simplistic if you are familar enough with picture editing programs, like Paint Shop Pro or Picture Publisher. There are masking tools that will mask according to the color or lumanance of an image. This small demonstration will show you how it can be done in PSP7. First you will need to render your images.Both a Color channel and a Depth channel.

For the depth channel, deturmine where your focus point starts and what you determine is the farthest you can see. For mine I started at the f and ended at the D. or 100 & 200 in the settings. Once those images are saved its time to go into PSP.

Open both Pictures and Highlight the window with your color channel. In the menu at the top> Masks | New | From image...

In the new window that appears select your Depth channel and hit ok.

In the menu at the top> Selections | From Mask

Your mask is now ready to add the blur. You can do this step more then once if you are not satisfied> Effects | Blur | Blur More

Now rid of the mask> Masks | Delete

A popup will ask you "Would you like this mask to merge into the current layer". Choose no.

choose> Selections | Select none And your done :)

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