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Title: update on my dragon
Post by: MP3D on September 25, 2008, 08:23:07 pm
Title: Re: update on my dragon
Post by: headwax on September 26, 2008, 07:41:28 am
well I for one have been waiting for this for a while!

I'm not sure where you are heading with him? Can you fill us in because I guess maybe wrongly he is going to be a character? That is: he looks alive with intelligent personality, almost able to speak!

If you would like crit then I'd say his ear needs to be more organic with his head. If you doin't want crit then don't read the last sentence. :)

I'm sorry no one else has responded to this post.  It's not the quality of the work! Just that the gold gets buried in the chaff sometimes....


nice to see you posting
Title: Re: update on my dragon
Post by: MP3D on September 26, 2008, 09:17:37 am
This Dragon is for the Anim8or Movie project which has been on going for awhile now.
I have been inactive on the site due to a lot of issue's  I m having in real life ( mainly the lack of time ). I do visit the project a lot to see how far the project has come.

I would like all the crits I can get, So crit away. ;D .

The ears are not attached to the head yet. I think you are the only one who noticed it and said something, good eye headwax.
My goal is to have this guy textured, rigged, and morphed really soon. He's been sitting on my pc for a long time, not doing anything.
So look for the dragon soon, I plan on anim8ing him before I loan him out to the movie project.


Title: Re: update on my dragon
Post by: headwax on September 27, 2008, 06:22:58 am
Dreeadful shy lot around here eh?

The dragon looks good, full of character courtesy I think because of the eyes set front facing and wide open - as olpposed to your average thickhead reptillian dragon with eyes set in the side of the head with no chance of binocularity. Same with the ear, sprouting from     the head showing alertness and a higher evoltionary dna - as opposed to reptillian ears   drilled through the skull.

For improvements I'd suggest beefing up the wing connections. We have a heavy duty dragon here with lots of muscles so his deltoid coonectors should reflect those of an olympic swimmere on bulldog hormones. Secondly I'd introduce some wing ligature ala vampire bats, remnants of long lost finger bones.

And talking about fingers, I reckon his fingers need some talons, something to rip the intestines out of his prey....

mind tyou he could be a vegetarian dragon...

this    was my attempt prompted by your example over at the movie forum



interestingly his wing connections could do with some beefing up ;)

Title: Re: update on my dragon
Post by: MP3D on September 27, 2008, 11:08:21 am
thxs headwax for your C&Cs.

You are right when you say character courtesy. In the movie he loves gold so anything to do with that hes there.

All your thoughts are noted and I will take care of them.

on a side note:
Dreadful shy lot around here eh.............. Dont worry about it, I will continue to post even if no one is interested.lololol

Take care.
Title: Re: update on my dragon
Post by: hihosilver on September 27, 2008, 05:30:38 pm
Great to see this project back in action, and of course, you back in action!
I remember seeing this a good deal a while ago whenever I checked out the anim8or movie project.
I think it has to do with the softer eyes and softer mouth area, but he seems a bit... well... soft! haha
So it depends if you're going for a very mean and scary looking dragon or a gold-loving dragon that's not really that cruel.

Keep up the good work!  I look forward to more from you.
Title: Re: update on my dragon
Post by: Tay Zonday on September 27, 2008, 10:30:57 pm