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Title: My models so far
Post by: 3D Joe Wiltshire on January 24, 2008, 03:41:56 pm
i have made a load of models on anim8or, nothing serious, i've had anim8or for about 2-3 weeks and i only just joined the forums
these are a few of my models, some of them you will have seen and made when you downloaded anim8or
I also use flash5, if you want to you can contact me about that too (    a book i made (     an apple... (    a bowl of rice (    Slash's top hat (     Black tophat with rim (    Snow scene   :-) (       by far my favourite, made from scratch of what i have learnt about anim8or (    a robot i made from scratch...not really that good, just thought i'd show it here anyway

Thanks for viewing these, give me your honest opinion but remember i am just a noob (i hate that word) , i'm sure in about a month or two i will be working at a much higher standard

Anim8or is AWESOME!!
Title: Re: My models so far
Post by: thecolclough on January 24, 2008, 04:16:30 pm
not bad at all  :)

shall look forward to seeing your future work

- colclough