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Title: Forum Guide Lines. -Read Before Posting!-
Post by: floyd86 on March 23, 2009, 06:52:57 am
Forum Guidelines.

Welcome to the Anim8or Community.
This topic is meant to be a guideline for posting on the anim8or forum. This topic should be read by all members to prevent the crowding of this forum by useless and unnecessary topic/posts.

8) Posting new topics and replies. 8)

Before posting a new topic or reply please consider the following points:

??? Asking questions on the forum. ???

The forum is here to show and comment on artwork created in Anim8or and to aid those that need help. Most of to members here will be willing to help with your questions and will provide support. We are all here to learn and have fun,
but not every question has to be asked on the forum. Some things are way easier and most of the time faster found by yourself!

Before asking your question(s) on the forum try the following points:

:-\ FAQ's. :-\

It's about ten years now since the first version of anim8or was released. You can imagine that some questions have been asked more then once. To prevent from having those questions asked another 1000 times here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

;) Other help ;)

To fully master this or any program, you can't do without help. Here are some useful links to tutorial and texture sites that might help you out in times of stress.

Anim8or related tutorials
Tutorials made for working with anim8or. Really helpful if you just get started in anim8or.

3d related tutorials
Although some tutorials aren't specifically written for anim8or, they can be used while working with anim8or. This because the basics can be translated into different software packages.

Some sites which offer free textures to be used for your projects.

If you find anything wrong with this topic or if something isn't clear, you can PM a moderator or the admin about this.

Global Moderator.