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Title: Copying one set of bones to make a duplicate in one figure
Post by: IPPO20 on March 28, 2009, 07:25:08 am
Hello, ive been working on animating a Hand that does Sign languages... I have completed one hand with arms and made it to animate.. :) But now i need to have two hands. Instead of doing the other arm from scratch by just linking another bone to the root bone.. how do i copy the entire figure? ANy shortcut? Thanks.
Title: Re: Copying one set of bones to make a duplicate in one figure
Post by: jdonzae on March 28, 2009, 12:44:07 pm
You COULD export the figure (make sure to change the original figure and object name). Then import it back in and just flip the stuff around. But depending on the detail of your model and bone structure, that might prove to be a bit difficult. If it's a simple hand model and bone layout, it could be done a lot quicker. From THERE you can subdivide and blah blah blah.... I don't know how to do it any other way ???
Title: Re: Copying one set of bones to make a duplicate in one figure
Post by: hf003 on January 27, 2010, 06:27:15 pm
When you mirror an object, the morphed targets do not get mirrored (At least not in V95 and 97d). When you try the morph targets on this new image, nothing happens. It seems like it could easily be done in most cases, so I am not sure why Anim8or does not give the user an option to do so. I have had success doing the following. (This method only works for mirrored objects across the X Axis).

Just a reminder - Be sure to back up your project before doing this.

1. After you create your first object with morph targets, center the object about the origin and mirror it about the X axis.

2. Cut and Paste only the mirrored image into a new empty object. 

3. Now export both objects to separate .an8 files.

4. Using a text editor, open the file of the original object. Do not change this file in any way, but just navigate to the first "morph offsets" section of the file. Select and Copy all the data within a single section and paste the data into an empty .txt file and edit the pasted data as described next.

5. The data takes the form of  " 3 (0.01 0.02 0.03) 6 (1.01 0 1) 7 (-0.01 0.01 0) "... etc. The values of 3,6, and 7 here are the point indexes that have morph targets and could be any value. The values within the parenthesis are the offsets of the X,Y, and Z axis respectively, again will be different than yours. Edit the data as follows: Find all instances of "(-" and replace them with "(+" . Next find all instances of "(" and replace them with "(-". Finally, find all instances of "(-+" and replace it with just "(".  Basically, we are just flipping the sign of all X axis values. The Y and Z Axis values remain unchanged since we mirrored across the X axis.

6. Now open the .an8 file of your second (mirrored) object.

7. Copy and paste the edited data of step 5 into the corresponding "morph offset" section of the file.

8. Now import the edited .an8 file (the mirrored object file) back into your second object (overwrite the old mirrored object). The morph targets should work fine now with your mirrored object.

If you have several morph targets, you need to repeat these steps for all of them. Good Luck.