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Title: Working Codecs
Post by: DragonSlayer on May 07, 2010, 09:37:13 am
I tried all of the codecs to see which ones work. I have noticed that some don't, so I have compiled a list of the ones supported by Anim8or. I did a filter test (failing daylight) a while ago and used that. It has 72 frames and is almost 3 seconds long. All tests were rendered without Anti-Aliasing at 400x300 resolution in the ART ray tracer. I've had 2 computers have this problem of failing to render because of the codec used, so I'm guessing that other people have this problem too.

(ns) = not supported by windows media player
(PQ) = Exceptionally poor quality

The thing is the Full Frames take up a lot of room, so I also included the file sizes. I hope this helps everyone out there! ;)
Title: Re: Working Codecs
Post by: DragonSlayer on May 07, 2010, 11:27:36 am
Nope, I just use the Anim8or given, I usually render uncompressed, and then use movie maker (or Adobe Premier Pro if I'm on my school computer) to encode it into another format, like wmv or an encoded avi. If the two you gave are available in Anim8or, neither of the computers can use it, and it never shows up on the list.
Title: Re: Working Codecs
Post by: Kubajzz on May 07, 2010, 12:03:00 pm
As far as I know, Anim8or simply displays all codecs available on your computer. You can install and un-install most codecs just like any other software...

The way codecs work should not be much related to Anim8or - some codecs produce reasonable quality and file size, other codecs are simply useless, but it all depends on the settings and codec versions... Also keep in mind that the same codec that was used in production must be available to play the video. Therefore it's only reasonable to use the most common codecs. Like Kreator said, you should try XVid and DivX, these two codecs are quite common and produce a reasonable image quality.

However the best you can do IMO is to avoid all .avi codecs completely. I usually export my videos uncompressed or as a series of .bmp images to get the best possible quality before the post-production starts. When I have my final video done, I decide which format/codec to use...

There are 3 most common file formats for videos - AVI, MPEG and WMV. Most video-editing applications support all of them plus many more (only .avi is supported by Anim8or though). As written above, the .avi format causes problems with codec compatibility. MPEG is a bit better from this point of view, but I also had some problems with .mpg videos... My favorite format is .wmv, mainly because the file size/quality ratio is IMO the best. Although it's a proprietary format developed by Microsoft, it is possible to play .wmv videos on most platforms (using the right program) and I've never had problems with compatibility, codecs, versions etc... WMV videos can also be easily optimized for internet streaming. The only disadvantage is that you need to use a third-party video editing software since WMV is not supported by Anim8or directly. But like you said, even Movie Maker can do the conversion so this shouldn't be a problem.
Title: Re: Working Codecs
Post by: DragonSlayer on May 07, 2010, 12:35:21 pm
Hmmm... well thank you for explaining it. I guess this means the list is worthless too, except for myself. Thank you for helping. :)
Title: Re: Working Codecs
Post by: BOB_I_Ts on May 07, 2010, 04:38:37 pm
i recommend render uncompressed then use a codec converter like the classic The RAD Video Tools ( utility ,uncompressed create large file size but dont let that fool you
it actually use less memory in turn reduce render time because codecs usually render is raw data so codec go on stand by between each frame and converts per frame ,but as uncompressed is raw data re-decoding it into any codec after rendered will be no larger in file size as if you rendered it straight from raytracer

oops forget to mention uploading uncompress to popular video sites most of them have a free compression service and will do all processing for you
Title: Re: Working Codecs
Post by: onespirit5777 on May 16, 2010, 01:01:58 pm
One thing that I have noticed it that if I want to do a quick low res animation, certain code will not render and give me a error message.

200x150 will not work with some.