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Title: room
Post by: blazecon0 on June 20, 2010, 08:46:31 pm

just made this today. been working on the individual models for about 2 days.
im goin to add some more stuff: a chair, a book, and a few other things. tell me what you think :)
Title: Re: room
Post by: siragin on June 20, 2010, 11:28:37 pm
thats alot of wood there. But looks nice. one thing you may want to think about is that most wood finished floors and tables have a glossy finish on them. And the cup too.
Title: Re: room
Post by: dwsel on June 21, 2010, 03:20:44 pm
Looks good so far. You might consider using soft shadows and warmer colour of the lamp light. When you add another elements you may think about improving lighting by adding additional number of lights (as a backing light or to fake GI) as I'm rather sure you won't be very satisfied from look of image lighten by a single source of light.
Title: Re: room
Post by: blazecon0 on June 21, 2010, 07:34:22 pm
im going to add a lava lamp for extra light ^^
its light will be a bit softer than the big lamp but it will light a pretty well most of the room. my only issue atm is the green tint it likes to give everything :/
IDEA- what if i make the glass translucent and green so the lamp looks green but the actual light only has a slight green tint?or maybe make the lavelamp realy simple and just add a texture and look for other sources of light. any thoughts?
also whars a GI?
Title: Re: room
Post by: dwsel on June 22, 2010, 11:49:14 am
I'm afraid it won't work as expected with scanline or ART as they have not got translucency and they don't support transparent shadows. Also no GI at the moment. You might get similar results using some tricks. I posted few days ago some useful tips and tutorials about traditional lighting or 'faking GI' in this thread: I believe that ability to light the scene in classical way isn't useless, especially in architecture and animation because traditional lighting is way faster to calculate than GI. Just look at the entries of 'Challenge #4: Indoor Render' or 'Challenge #14: Sports equipment' $imon's entry All of these were made with scanline and/or ART.

If you want an instant solution (natural looking render, not very 'instant' considering rendertime) I'd suggest to try unbiased renderer such as Kerkythea or LuxRender . Basically you export your objects as *.obj and import them directly into Kerky or to Blender for export into Lux. But don't expect fast rendering and very artistic effects without creative use of light and changing defaults, actually the lighting will look just OK and 'correct' with minimal effort ;) If you'd like to make your rendering more personal I'd still encourage you to follow the tuts about how to setup your lights by hand.

Whatever path you choose I'll be looking forward to see the results ;) Cheers!
Title: Re: room
Post by: blazecon0 on June 25, 2010, 11:06:28 pm
that help me a LOT thank you very much ^^
im doin another project with a friend tho, so this 1 will just get whatever time i have left.
Title: Re: room
Post by: bryananthonydgm on July 11, 2010, 05:14:46 am
So far so good pal, try to add some furnitures to make your work similar to an actual room. :)