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Title: Fountain
Post by: tommytom on August 01, 2010, 08:35:44 am

Ive made this fountain for a game and I'm trying to animate it so the water runs down and was wondering how i could do, it it only need to be 8 frames long and not much detail as it will be squashed down to 64*64   
Title: Re: Fountain
Post by: rellik420 on August 01, 2010, 08:50:20 am
i think theres a few different ways u can do it. particles or a water simulator would do the trick. but if u want to animate it manually that might b a bit tricky. and since its for a game you will want to loop the animation. i didnt get a good look at the pic cause it was so small and i coujdlnt enlarge it. but u could use transmap textures and (anim8or cant do this alone) animate the textures. i think terranim8or can do that. u could also make a super awesome rig and do bone animation.

those r just a few ideas of how it can be done. i think it really depends on the situation and what u feel comfortable doing. good luck with it and keep us updated on your game.
Title: Re: Fountain
Post by: tommytom on August 01, 2010, 11:37:36 am
thanks for the reply rellik i tried to use watergen but did not understand it lol  ::)

but i got it to work by using the Arc Rotate i just move it very slightly to the east rendered it then moved it very slightly west and turned out good don't have a video of it yet but it is in the game and working good

the first one i did i move it to much and the water was going round the fountain which looked daft

Put a bigger pic up