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Title: Standardising Anim8or folders.
Post by: kreator on December 05, 2010, 05:26:19 pm
I am currently working with Poser and have found that anyone that uses it has an advantage in that they have standardised the zip contents of any file downloaded.
All the textures are neatly set into appropriate folders together with any geometries poses etc.

Now wouldn`t it be nice if everyone in the the anim8or community did the same!

So I am now going to use this easy method for ALL my files in future.
I propose that everybody uses the same folder content then it would make it easier to have the appropriate textures, scenes sequences figures etc

You will need to create the following folders on your hard drive :

A Base Folder called

Then within this folder create the following new folders:


You will need to reconfigure your settings in anim8or (if you use them!)

So now when you make up a zip file for distribution you can easily include the appropriate files and recipients can find them
with the original model intact

You can add further subfolders within the base folders to easily maintain an organised workflow..

ie   Anim8or_Runtime:
The attached Zip file should provide you with some ready models and should clarify the above

My freebie Poser stuff is at:
Title: Re: Standardising Anim8or folders.
Post by: Janro on December 08, 2010, 09:51:28 pm
I've had some sort of standardized folders but not as large as that. It's basically what's in the configure option.

Might give this version a try to see if it'll help me. Thanks for sharing Kreator. :)