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Title: Animation Project - Meebles!
Post by: davdud101 on September 10, 2011, 08:58:06 am
Yo, everybody! I just got started on a new animation project called 'Meebles' about these little... guys called 'meebles', who live in this world... IDK, I haven't made many characters yet, nor is there yet a concept, but below is a very quick expression test I did.

I'll try to work some stuff out, but currently, the second character (Nippy) who clearly is more realistic than the first (Leep) is having many, maaaaannnny skinning problems. I don't know if I should choose influences or weights, but I do know that chances are I'll choose weights. On top of that, I can'tthink of any more characters or coneptual ideas, so if you have any, lay them on me!