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Title: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Gyperboloid on September 14, 2011, 03:07:47 pm
As you may noticed, Steve visits forum pretty much often ( despite the fact he doesn't write something ).
So I think we must stop these useless and stupid discussions about future , "death" or "life" and just ... get serious.
The reason that other 3d applications reached at very high level is ... the community. And of course the best example is that, of the Blender community ! So many ( thousands , millions ??? ) developers, users, funs  :). Of course you may say : " we don't have many developers, we have only one - Steve!"  Yes, that's true ! So, in that case who is left ? We are - the Anim8or community !!!

Unfortunately, we are a lazy ( but very very... ) community ! Yes, there are some guys who have offered a lot ( scripts, outstanding renders, works ) , but even they would agree that it's not enough at all ! And hope that I don't sound like a kind of smart@$$ ! All I want to say, is that we must ... "switch the engine to turbo mode"  :). All the time we ask about an update, but still we haven't discovered fully the Anim8or !!! And so what ? Steve will come up with a super duper update , but we still make "cubes and tubes" here !   :-\  

What I want to suggest, is to create some new topics (General Anim8or forum ) which a moderator ( or admin or whatever, sorry I am not familiar with that stuff  ;D ) will stick up, so they ( topics, not moderators  :D )  will be something like Guide or  F.A.Q. We still will discuss everything by creating new topics in the general forum, BUT the conclusions and the answers on different questions will be added to these sticky topics ( no comments in those topics will be allowed ).

First of all, there must be a topic ( Steve's private topic  ;D ) which will contain something like a wishlist . We will discuss all the "really" important features that should be implemented and again moderators will put them into related topic ( "Wishlist topic" ??? ). It would be a " nice and clean " topic, which Steve will check out every time he will visit us  ;D. Only very important features will be contained after a long discussion. No things like " these I saw in those applications" ! Only something, that would be relative to Anim8or's "needs" ( improving or implementing something totally new ) . So Steve will know what exactly to work on.  :) Although, of course, he will decide what of all that he can, even want, to implement !

But of course, to be able to decide what else we need, we must first know what we already have !!! That's why we should create some more new topics. And those particularly are :

 The modeling topic will contain information about modeling in Anim8or. How things can be done, when, where and such. There are some answers here on different questions, but lots of them are like "you can try this application, you can try this general tutorial but not related to Anim8or" ! So no, we will discuss only particular things about modeling in Anim8or ( only ) particularly ! That's why this forum (site) is for!!! Right ?  

In the comments. Everything about animation inside (!!!) Anim8or.

And the comments again :D. Everything about lights and renders. Not anything like "try this renderer" and "export in that cool program" ! You can use any program you wish when you having fun  :), but here please...only Anim8or stuff  8) !

Those topics will contain any single possibility of any single stroke of Anim8or's code ! Total newbies would still be able to ask very basic questions, as they can do it now by creating a new topic, though. So, forum won't be so kinda messy and we'll have some great progress last !

P.S.: Yeap, I like smiles  :D

                                             So, what you think guys ... can we turn the engine on ?   ;D
Title: Re: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Gyperboloid on September 14, 2011, 03:18:42 pm
And I forgot to say, that there are no time barriers here. We are not some kind of corporation, right ?  ;)
Title: Re: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Gyperboloid on September 19, 2011, 12:54:14 pm
 ??? So, nobody thinks we need it  :P
Title: Re: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Raxx on September 19, 2011, 01:10:44 pm

If there are enough people who have the motivation to do it then by all means go for it. Unfortunately though, there aren't a whole lot of people here who will invest more time into teaching Anim8or than they already have--this forum and the old forum have tons of resources in them written by past users.

Personally, my motivation engine's kinda died a bit, and school's taking a big chunk out of any willpower to do anything extracurricular. So I doubt I would participate. However, if this gets a good start then I'll help with the moderator tasks.
Title: Re: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Janro on September 20, 2011, 03:26:43 am
Same with Raxx, College is getting busy for me and with Thesis coming up, it's gonna be a bit hard to balance it in my schedule

Don't get me wrong I'd like to see this come to life and  hopefully be part of it.
Title: Re: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Gyperboloid on September 20, 2011, 12:28:59 pm
 :) That's exactly what I said before : there are no time barriers here !!! We are not a commercial ... something ! There is no need to "present our progress" every week or month . Just let's start and then all will roll itself, you'll see. It doesn't mean, that some olddogy must spent his time , trying to explain somebody how to select a mesh into Anim8or ! No at all ! It's all about open discussion. Something specific... topology or something else advanced into Anim8or. You just pass by and give yours 5 cent. Don't need to answer every day  :P. Just when you'll log in next time, once a month, half year.  But, day by day we will have good results after all, because different users will join the forum in different days, so you wont be kinda feel bad you didn't log in for a long time...things will still running  :P. Let's just start with those sticky topics. After all, nobody will bite us , or will they ? :D
Title: Re: Anim8or Community Project !!!
Post by: Gyperboloid on September 28, 2011, 06:51:01 pm
Ok then, let's start ! Since nobody says something, give you the pass ! 

Let's start with the feature requests ! And I mean ... THE feature requests !

First off all, and I think nobody will disagree, to speed up ART renderer  !!!
Second one, all about full script manipulation . Something like script freedom  :D . Scene, sequence, figure. Scripts are the power  ;D and lot of users proved it ! With endless scripting there is even no need for anything else to be implemented.
I guess the mirror bones command, in the figure mode, is another one all wanted .

All the bugs in scene mode about undo command ( which doesn't work at all ) and the glitches about object's pivots ( undo joined solids = chaos  e.t.c ).

So, for now, the ART's speed and the "free scripting" I think ( sure it is  ;D ) are the "must be done" stuff ! 

And let's discuss now the more minor features Steve could implement after he finish the top wanted  ;D