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Title: Moon surface
Post by: dwsel on January 27, 2012, 07:14:37 pm
I had some spare time today and I got inspired by Modeler_in_the_Myst's 'Lil' Spaceman Model' thread

I've found a while ago 'World Machine' and decided to gave it a try today. This application's main purpose is to generate procedural heightmaps and textures for terrain. I wanted to know how can I easily make realistic Moon surface. I used this tutorial: and example files and tweaked them to my liking. Then I exported (just like that ) a mesh with 512x512 divisions and a heightmap that after my tweaks I used for giving a model slight bump texture (quite low resolution - definitely map in higher resolution or lower scale would give much better result).

I imported *.obj mesh to Anim8or, rotated it and uvmapped, then I set up a scene and rendered image and depth map. For composition I used only for a background.

Title: Re: Moon surface
Post by: TheBlackHole on January 28, 2012, 06:31:06 pm
I would get rid of the fog and flatten the terrain a bit. You might also want to scale it up some.