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Title: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: VirtuaroidPilot on August 10, 2015, 03:37:43 pm
Anyone who was around when Cre8or was still a thing HAS to have heard of Dylan 64 at one point or another. It was my project from 2010 and 2011 with a massive amount of hours put in to get everything just right.

The game starred Dylan, who went around beating up a Dugg monster that was minding its own business, tipped cows from their perch atop the clouds just to be a jerk, and kicked colored balls around the level like they were nothing. He also swam, jumped, and explored the clouds above the castle below.

It was a rather... unique... game, to say the least.

Now that Cre8or is no longer a thing, and I no longer am able to play with the last remaining bits of the game left, I have decided to create a spiritual successor!

Using the power of Unity 5, and the modeling abilities of Anim8or, I am working on a new game with a new protagonist: Nancy Stargaze - Nancy 64.

Below are screenshots of the character and the game. Dylan 64 aficionados may notice that the geometry of the test world looks similar to the level geometry of Dylan 64. I merely re-did the level from memory, and I will use it for testing as I build upon the level. I don't know if the level will appear in the final game, but for nostalgia's sake, I may leave it in.

This is a VERY early stage of Nancy 64. I'm mostly testing things out and experimenting right now. I want this game to surpass the quality of Dylan 64, and while I can no longer play Dylan 64 to get a feel for how it plays, I can watch the last surviving footage I have of it on my laptop.

I do have Dylan 64 Final on my laptop... If you can dig up an old Windows XP somewhere in order to play it, I will provide a new download link to Dylan 64 so that people who missed out on it the first time around can catch up.

*EDIT* <-- Dylan 64 Final (Download Link)

This game is five years old. I was young when I made this. As such, the documentation may be a bit... iffy. Also, you must have a PC with Windows XP installed. I tried running it under a virtual machine, but to no avail, so assume that the game is incompatible with virtual machines.

The game MUST be run in OpenGL. Running it in DirectX9 may produce a skybox related error message. (A glitch with Cre8or, probably)

Also, the game is not copyrighted. This was when I was ignorant to how copyright laws worked, and I put a (c) Ratio Games Ltd. on every single game I made just because I thought it looked cool.

The game is NOT copyrighted and Ratio Games Ltd. is not a real company. I just put that there for coolness, because I was a very retarded little boy.
Title: Re: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: cooldude234 on August 10, 2015, 10:09:14 pm
Lol, dylan was a jerk (I made him drown dugg ;P ).
I still have a copy of dylan 64 somewhere.
Maybe you might be able to port it to the new engine when it gets released (probably later this year).
Title: Re: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: VirtuaroidPilot on August 12, 2015, 03:48:18 pm
I just updated Nancy 64, and I am going to release v0.08a to the public!

The game is mostly incomplete, but there are several game elements already in place! Nancy's model has been made smoother, and there are now some collectable objects in the scene. I also added a score counter and a "YOU WIN" Message when you collect them all.

Probably the biggest change is the way Nancy handles, and the fact that there is now mouselook added with a funny little mouse cursor.

Download it here: (

Unzip the file into the folder of your choice, and simply double-click the executable to play. You MUST have the included data folder in the same directory as the .exe, otherwise the game won't run.

If there are any issues with the game, i.e getting it to work, please post your problem below, and I will see what I can do.

Don't miss your chance to be among the first to check it out!
Title: Re: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: cooldude234 on August 12, 2015, 05:27:01 pm
A few suggestions that you probably already knew to fix.
-Lock the mouse to the center of the screen when using mouse look (this will avoid clicking off screen when using multi monitors)
-An exit button
-When camera collision is detected, it stays close to the character instead of returning back to the distance it was once at
have a dist value for storing the player's camera distance that they set with the scroll wheel, and then cast a ray from the character to that distance and then if the ray hits anything put the camera there and if not then put it at the dist value.
-mouse sensitivity

Other than that it's a great start.

P.S. that music really reminds me of tenchi or something :P
Title: Re: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: VirtuaroidPilot on August 13, 2015, 01:08:14 pm
Here is the next public release: This time, there's actual gameplay, and I decorated the level quite a bit. Here's the link: (

The game is in its VERY early stages, and I'm not used to programming in Unity yet, so I'll have to ask around to see how exactly to modify the existing scripts... I'm not a very good coder. In fact, Dylan 64 used little to no scripts at all. The only scripting I had to do was for panning the camera, which, contrary to people trying to help me figure that out, did not require quaternions whatsoever, because Cre8or had some additional camera functions that could be called up by a simple script.

As for an exit button, right now the exit button is ALT+F4... hehe... Don't know how I'll implement exiting the game in the future, but I will put in another more user-friendly method for exiting the game.

I looked into locking the mouse, and in Unity 5, it's a bit complicated. It could easily be done in Unity 4, but Unity 5 has made some rather bizarre changes...

Also, I thought about placing objects that could be interacted with by using the mouse, so locking the mouse might not be the best idea in that respect.

For the zoom in feature, I got more than I bargained for with the script I sto- er... "borrowed"... The zoom in feature was not something I had planned from the start. I may remove that, because with my current coding experience (which is little to none) I don't know how I'm gonna fix that without nixing the feature altogether.

Dylan 64 did have a rather robust camera, and I wish I could duplicate it in Unity, but without a visual scripting interface like Cre8or, I don't have that kind of power... Yet.

There is one major issue I'm trying to fix, and that involves collisions. Nancy sort of likes to crouch underneath things that are high enough for her to walk under WITHOUT crouching. This includes collectible objects, and anything else I added to the scene since the previous release.

She also likes to bump into collectibles when she collects them. Say, you're currently jumping, and you're enjoying your momentum as you close in on an orb. When you collect the orb, however, Nancy bumps into it mid-collision, and just as it disappears, you lose all momentum and fall like a rock. That is not good game design.

I will be looking at tutorials and asking questions in the Unity Community, and maybe then I'll have enough experience to fix the issues you brought up. When it comes to scripting, I have trouble improvising. I always have to look at a how-to video for solutions.

If Unity had Visual Scripting built in it would be different, because it would be easier for me to understand. I'm kinda stupid, hehe.

Thanks for your feedback! I will look into those issues at some point during development.
Title: Re: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: davdud101 on August 14, 2015, 08:50:09 am
Oh, you were the guy behind Dylan 64! That was a LONG time ago and I was a pretty young kid so I never got around to actually playing it, unfortunately.
Cool stuff!!
Title: Re: Dylan 64 Spiritual Successor - Nancy 64!
Post by: VirtuaroidPilot on August 17, 2015, 07:49:17 pm
Yeah, it was a long time ago, and I'm glad you remember me!

Does anyone know how to import anim8or models into maya? Or does anyone know how I can import Anim8or figures and animations in to Unity to use for games? I want to know if those things are actually possible (The way I got Nancy in the game was by rigging a .obj file in Mixamo, but I can't rely on that) <-- New version of the game!