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Title: Anim8or needs ''compatibility mode for XP SP3" to be enabled
Post by: slex on June 16, 2017, 10:31:00 pm
I don't understand why Anim8or works great only when compatibility mode for XP SP3 is enabled? Version 1.0 also needs to be run in compatibility mode and as administrator in order to work perfect and without unpleasant surprises, scene never crashes, even scene loop works without any problems -pause, stop, play- no issues, everything is fine.

When I use freshly unzipped version and forget to check the compatibility box in its properties it doesn't work very well.
What was included in XP SP3 that Win7 or Win10 doesn't have enabled by default?

Could moderators update the Guidelines about that issue?
It doesn't make too much of a problem to me- only when there is a new version available as I mentioned, but new users will come across similar problem and become demotivated to use Anim8or.