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Title: Render Range and Camera Anomalies
Post by: dancingshoes on March 29, 2018, 04:28:24 pm
Couldn't find a topic on this already but in the scene mode, selecting 'View'->'Camera' is not the same as selecting "View"->'Other'->'Camera01'. (I want to render multiple camera angles.)

1. 'Camera01' does not hide light sources, 'Camera' does,  and neither camera hides the other's camera.

2. More importantly, when rendering a movie using any numbered camera (eg 'Camera01', a "User" view), the first frame rendered seems to be that last frame viewed in the editor, NOT the first frame of selected range or of 'All' frames, almost as if the first rendered frame is from a buffer.

Seen this with Scanline and OpenGL. Using 1318. Non-User views seem to render first frame OK.

{Also, would vote for anti-aliasing for OpenGL rendering!}