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Title: semi-3D wood project
Post by: davdud101 on February 08, 2019, 12:38:57 pm
My first post of anew model in.... wow, I don't know how long!!
I'm doing a woodworking project for wall hangings where I'm taking 3d models, rendering their depth maps and using those to create basically layers/slices for an image. Being a bit of a gamer, I decided I'd use recognizable elements from the three games/series that have influenced me most: T45 armor from Fallout, "Rayquaza" from Pokemon & "Valus" from Shadow of the Collosus.

I found the armor model online for Fallout (after a LOT of searching and digging, mind you!), but there weren't any downloads of the other two in decent quality, so I decided it'd be a great time to god ahead and practice some 3d modelling. Not too shabby after all this time!

REALLY sorry for the crappy compressed images.

Basically what I'll do after this is deemed COMPLETE is I'll render a clay image to get details, and depth map to get some height to it. Then take it into GIMP, boost the contrast so that there are about 5 - 7 grades of grey and use those as my layers when I'm cutting the wood. We'll see how it goes!
Title: Re: semi-3D wood project
Post by: Mactetra on February 14, 2019, 08:20:40 am
Creative idea! Looking forward to seeing your finished woodwork. the model looks great!