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Title: just wondering - the ceiling on sphere divisions
Post by: thecolclough on May 23, 2008, 04:31:55 pm
i've noticed that you can't set the divisions of a sphere to more than 32x16 without subdividing the object, and i was just wondering why that is?  is it something to do with how the code works, or is it just an artificial limit, to stop people making ridiculously over-polied objects?  i find it's sometimes a problem, especially when making really big spherical things, such as planets (yes, i sometimes build planets!  who do i think i am, slartibartfast or someone?  :P ;D ), and i was wondering if there could be a way to remove the limit?

or maybe have a switch, so users can turn it off themselves if they really need all those extra divisions...

- colclough