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Title: too many faces for fix normals?
Post by: Kilminster on May 25, 2008, 04:30:07 pm
Hi Steve,

sorry that I didn't find any news on the materials bug I encountered some time ago but this new one happens both in the latest 0.95 as well as in the 0.97 beta.

I am in the process of building a spherical ship from the Perry Rhodan series. Since I had trouble with the cutouts for the airlocks (specificly the mesh not really looking smooth around the cutouts) I started building spheres with more divisions (by hand)

The present one is based on a sphere with 96 divisions around the equator and 64 from "north" to "south". Together with the details for the engine bulge and the airlocks I ended up with a mesh of 31540 points, 63345 edges and 31691 faces.

Since I had to connect that mesh from several submeshes (because the airlocks were done once and then copied and rotated for example) the mesh's normals have mixed orientations. Trying to do a "Fix normals" on that mesh however results in an immideate shutdown of anim8or.

It appears as if there is a maximum of points, egdes or faces per mesh for that operation.

I would attatch the file but even as a zip it is over the 128 kB limit. The shutdown occurs both in the 0.95c as well as the 0.97 beta on two different mashines (both with XP)