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I'm new here (and to modeling!) and since I am into Metroid right now I have attempted to undertake the task of making a 3d model of Samus Aran, the main character.

I know if may be daunting for a first model, but I wanna make something at least halfway impressive for someone who isn't yet well versed in the art of 3d modeling, and I don't expect my model to look perfect, just pretty good for a first try.

I don't know if this belongs here or not, since I am running into little troubles here and there, but it is a Work in Progress, so I hope I post this in the correct section; I am running into a few issues.

 First of all, there are some sections that are displayed as edges when they shouldn't be. I know I must have some whack geometry in this model, and I would simply like some advice on how to correct it if at all possible.

Second, I don't know how to go about modeling the gray joint areas.

As you can see, her suit has gray joints connecting the limbs. What I don't know is, how should I make this? Should I try to make the limbs and joints 1 object? or should I make them multiple ones? I am not sure about the whole skinning process, especially for something that is a mix of bendable and solid parts.

Lastly is the back of the helmet. The way it is shaped means that it would "clip" down into the body part if she was to look up. I don't know how to properly model it so she can look up. I have the basic shape down correctly, and in one of the games, they had to so the back of the helmet stayed still while the rest was bent around halfway through wherever the helmet moved. Maybe I should try to do this?

I strongly apologize if I was in the wrong about making this post, and I certainly don't want people to think I am selfish by asking these questions and not knowing all of this stuff before I started making this model.

Also, in general any constructive criticism would be appreciated!

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