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General Anim8or Forum / Help spherizing a mesh
« on: October 06, 2019, 06:05:10 am »
 I would really like some help running the Advanced Spherize script described in
 the thread: Advanced Spherize,4984.msg36541.html#msg36541
 The thread also contains the plugin and script file (
 I would really appreciate it if someone who's acquainted with this script would
 outline the steps required to spherize a mesh. A simple example would suffice.
 I create a mesh (lets say from a cube). I can run the parametric spherize helper
 shape successfully. But quite frankly I can never spherize a mesh because I
 simply don't understand the steps that are necessary after the helper shape is
 created. How exactly are the helper shape and mesh supposed to interact?
 What goes where?:) What is supposed to be selected and what is not.
 Are you supposed to do anything with the helper shape material that I see
 created? Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
 A baffled user,

General Anim8or Forum / Combing 2 shapes
« on: October 01, 2019, 10:38:14 pm »
Hello everyone,
An anim8or beginner here.
Lets say I have some extruded text or thin cube(neither of which have an initial curvature) and I want to attach/combine it to the curvature of lets say a cylinder shape. I want my text to have the same shape/curvature as what I'm attaching it to.  If anyone could just outline the steps you would follow to do
this I would really appreciate it. And just to make it perhaps a little bit different what about attaching it to a sphere.
Thanks for any pointers you could offer,

General Anim8or Forum / Finding the yellow brick road thru Anim8or editing
« on: September 20, 2019, 09:29:23 pm »
 Hello everyone,
  I'm new here. I'm retired but still, hopefully, young enough to learn.
About six months ago I decided to try my hand(head) with computer graphics
of the 2d kind, a subject I knew nothing about. I found myself really enjoying it.
Then I started looking around for software that would allow animation. I came
upon Corels Motion Studio 3d. It introduced me to not only animation but the
geometry of the 3d world in an ever so gentle way. I enjoy what it offers but
its a very simplified environment. At least I learned what a 3ds and directx model
was :). In any event I searched for something that would expand my knowledge
about 3d shapes and geometry. To make a longer story shorted I came upon
Anim8or very recently. For me this is a wonderful program. I've been able to
do some basic and relatively simple things with shapes and materials. Thanks
to the wonderful community that sprung up around Anim8or I found some great
plugins to make Anim8or even more fun(various shapes,materials and the BooleanOperations which I think are great).
But I'm finding myself a little lost when it comes to making certain modifications to
shapes/meshes. (Faces and subdivisions are totally new to me :) So here's my
first specific question: I would like to make a shape/mesh more involved without
changing/scaling the shape. Lets say I have a sphere. I want to make the mesh
more detailed. I want to see more paths(hope that's the right word) going from
the top to the bottom and going left to right (or right to left). Hope I'm making myself
understood. I would like to know the best and simplest way to go about this.

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