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Ian Ross has just released a book on Anim8or. It's perect for a beginner and a good reference for experienced users. It contains detailed chapters on every aspect, with many examples. Get your own copy here: "Anim8or Tutorial Book"

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I've been using the latest version 0.97, but should I use an earlier version like 0.95 instead? Will all current ASL scripts work with 0.95 or are some specifically written for 0.97? Thanks Leroy.

General Anim8or Forum / What's the default scale for the workspace?
« on: May 21, 2012, 04:27:53 am »
I noticed my models generally appear quite large in the BZII map editor. What does one square equal in the Anim8or workspace? Thanks, Leroy.

I noticed this the other day when I viewed it in an .a8 file in notepad. Is there a way to write out this data chunk in an export format using an ASL script? If so how would the script entry look like? I would think something like $output.print ("jkey animation key\n jkey %") or sometihng similar?

I read briefly that it's mainly done using morph targets to handle the actual vertex manipulation. I still need to read up on using the morph target feature in Anim8or, but does it involve creating a new target, making vertex changes to the new target and setting the number of frames that A8 uses to smoothly morph the object through it's animation cycle or do a series of new morph targets need to be created to do this in Anim8or?  PS: I understand the a8 format is the only exportable model format the can actually export animations. Can I use ani2pov to convert a8 animations to some other animated model format? Thanks, Leroy.

General Anim8or Forum / Is it possible to add points between edges?
« on: April 25, 2012, 05:47:09 pm »
I've tried the add edge tool but it won't set a single point unless I do it from an existing point. Thought I'd ask just in case I'm missing some tool that does this task. Thanks, Leroy. Truespace, has a tool for this called, Add Vertex: points are the same as vertices right?

Truespace supports this so if Anim8or doesn't I can always import my A8 models into TS for animating via X or 3DS. Also, will A8 import animation via the 3DS importer? Thanks, Leroy.

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or basics for new users.
« on: April 03, 2012, 07:51:35 pm »
The program pretty much rocks as far being simple to use. Some things you can figure out just by using A8. The PDF manual is a must read, but it's short and sweet reading. Be sure to download all of the cool ASL scripts you can get your hands on, and most definitely get the ASL script editor because after you start using A8 for a while you'll want to try your hand at creating your own little scripts for Anim8or; the scripts are really tiny files and a lot of fun to play with. I've tried a lot of 3d modeling software, but Anim8or stands out in terms of simplicity and overall enjoyment. After playing around with A8 you'll be amazed at the complex models you can make once you learn the basics of using it.  Cheers, Leroy.

I noticed this when naming 2 objects. Naming one parent and the other child. Then I grouped them together and exported that. The child object always displayed first. Then as a test I renamed parent to aparent and the other to bchild and A8 changed the order in the resulting file output to display the parent object first like I wanted it to be exported. Is this behavior by design? Thanks.

For all you web searchers looking for BZII model making software give Anim8or a try.

It has several model formats that work with existing BZII modding tools like 3D Exploration for converting A8 3DS, OBJ, and customized X exporter courtesy of Amin8or user Raxx; he tweaked an existing X export script and created an XSI variant written specifically for the version 1 XSI format used by BZII.

Anim8or, is pretty simple modeling software that supports some excellent modeling tools for new want to be BZII modders. I like A8 and have started to learn how to make models and props for BZII. Thanks, Raxx you are a very cool Gent, and I appreciate the time you took to do what you did for me. Leroy. I attached two export scripts modifyied by Raxx and tweak by me that will work with Battlezone II Combat Commander. The X exporter will work with 3d Exploration for converting X models to BZII XSI, and the XSI exporter will load model directly into the BZII game engine itself.

PS: The exporter is currently capable of exporting a usable BZII style XSI model with a single group of objects; I got a Sabre style Tank into BZII, and it works complete with weapons and texture map. However, animation and true hierarchal sub grouping are not supported for more complex BZII models that use turret_y, turret_x, tread and tractor objects, etc.

FYI, textures must always be in powers of 2 like 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, and 1024x1024 to appear on your BZII models and props.

You also need to watch your model scaling as Anim8or's default grid size is 10 meters per square and models can appear quite huge in BZII. Just remember to build small and use the zoom function to enlarge the model in the A8 workspace.

Another useful feature of A8 is to use the view all feature to divide the workspace into 4 rectangular viewports; it allows you to edit and view the model from multiple angles.

You can also use the Object-Import function to import other model files like BZII hardpoints into the current model file. When it asks if you want to overwrite the existing model file answer no and give the imported file a new name like BZIIHP's. Then you can use Object menu to switch between the original model and the imported file. Then you can switch to the imported file and use the Select-all function to copy and paste the contents of the imported file into the original model file. Using this method allows you to create common files like hardpoints for reuse on other BZII models and props.

I rate Anim8or a solid 10 of 10 for people new to 3d modeling software and a respectable 5 for more experienced model makers. Anim8or, is an excellent starter program, and most people will find it useful enough to continue using it for other modeling projects once they begin the master the software.

This feature is quite useful in viewing active posts to help posters get responses faster. I use it on my own forum to help other posters get things answered. My modeling forum is Leroy's Truespace Battlezone II Modeling Forum. I added a new forum for Leroy's Anim8or Forum because it's such a cool 3D modeling software and feel my members will find Anim8or as useful as Truespace.

Some of you already know that Anim8or regretably does not currently support exporting models with a true hierarchal tree structure like those used by many currently modeling formats. I can convert Anim8or 3DS, and OBJ models for you in Truespace 3D to link multiple objects together in to hierarchal form at no cost. Just let me know if anyone needs some help converting Anim8or models to other modeling formats.

FYI: TS can also convert models to any of the following formats: FBX, DAE, X, 3DS, TS COB, and TS SCN files. Additional I can use Gamespace to convert the following formats: DTS, CAN, B3D, UT PSA, UT PSK, UT UR, MDL, MD2, MD3, ASC, MS3D, DFX, MTX, W3D, DTS, SMD, UT 3D, and several Serious Sam game formats as well. I can also render animations to SWF Flash files in TS.

This is what I have so far. 3D Exploration shows these errors.
Code: [Select]
* This plugin pieced together from Joe Cooning and Zaidon's
* .X exporters with some independent work.
* Written by Raxx, this is compatible with the Battlezone II
* Combat Commander game engine and being modified by BNG for use with BZII as an XSI variant of Raxx's X variant.
* Copyright 2012 Randall Bezant.  Permission granted for
* modification and use, including commercial use.  Source
* distribution must include this copyright.

#plugin("object", "export", "BZ II XSI", ".xsi");
#file($output, "text");

file $output;
int $result;

object $curObject;

$curObject = project.curObject;
$output.print("xsi 0101txt 0032\nSI_CoordinateSystem coord\n\n {\n1;\n0;\n1;\n0;\n2;\n5;\n}\n\n");

shape $shape, $shapes[1], $childShapes[1];
tridata $mdata;
int $numPoints, $numFaces, $numMaterials;
int $ii;
point3 $point, $normal, $tr1, $tr2, $tr3, $tr4;
point2 $uv;
float4x4 $transformMat;
string $matName, $texFile;
material $material;
texture $tex;

/* The shapes in $shapes are processed in reverse order so */
/* reverse the array of values that GeetShapes returns:    */

$shapes.size = 0;
while ($childShapes.size > 0)

while ($shapes.size > 0) {
    $shape = $shapes.pop();

    /* If $shape is a group push child shapes onto stack: */

    if ($shape.GetKind() == SHAPE_KIND_GROUP) {
        while ($childShapes.size > 0) {
    } else if ($shape.GetKind() == SHAPE_KIND_PATH ||
               $shape.GetKind() == SHAPE_KIND_MODIFIER ||
               $shape.GetKind() == SHAPE_KIND_TEXT)
        /* No 3D mesh to output. */
    } else {

  $mdata = $shape.GetTriangleData();

  $output.print("Frame Frm-%s {\nFrameTransformMatrix {\n", $;
        $transformMat = $shape.GetGlobalTransform();
        $output.print("  %.6f,%.6f,%.6f,0.000000,\n",$tr1);
        $output.print("  %.6f,%.6f,%.6f,0.000000,\n",$tr2);
        $output.print("  %.6f,%.6f,%.6f,0.000000,\n",$tr3);
        $output.print("  %.6f,%.6f,%.6f,1.000000;;\n }\n",$tr4);
        $output.print("Mesh %s_mesh {\n", $;

        $numPoints = $mdata.GetNumPoints();
        $output.print("%d;\n", $numPoints);
        for $ii = 0 to $numPoints-1 do {
            $point = $mdata.GetPoint($ii);
$point.z =$point.z * -1;
            $output.print("%.6f; %.6f; %.6f;", $point);
if ($ii<$numPoints-1){
} else {

        $numFaces = $mdata.GetNumTriangles();
        $output.print("%d;\n", $numFaces);
        for $ii = 0 to $numFaces - 1 do {
$output.print("3;%d,%d,%d;", $mdata.GetIndex($ii*3 + 2), $mdata.GetIndex($ii*3 + 1), $mdata.GetIndex($ii*3));
if ($ii<$numFaces-1){
} else {
    $output.print("MeshMaterialList {\n");
        $numMaterials = $mdata.GetNumMaterials();
  $output.print("%d;\n", $numMaterials);
  $output.print("%d;\n", $numFaces);
  for $ii = 0 to $numFaces - 1 do {
$output.print("%d", $mdata.GetMatIndex($ii));
if ($ii<$numFaces - 1) {
} else {
        for $ii = 0 to $numMaterials - 1 do {
            $material = $mdata.GetMaterial($ii);
$tex = $material.GetTexture(TEXTURE_DIFFUSE);
            $matName = $;
            if ($matName == " -- default --") {
                $matName = "___default___";
            $output.print("SI_Material %s {\n", $matName);
            $output.print("%.6f; %.6f; %.6f; %.6f;;\n", $material.diffuse, $material.alpha);
$output.print("%.6f;\n", $material.Ks);
            $output.print("%.6f; %.6f; %.6f;;\n", $material.specular);
            $output.print("%.6f; %.6f; %.6f;;\n", $material.emissive);
$texFile = $tex.GetFileName();
            if ($texFile != ""){
    $output.print("TextureFilename {\n\"%s.%s\";\n}\n", $texFile.GetRoot(), $texFile.GetExt());
        $output.print("SI_MeshNormals {\n%d;\n", $numPoints);
        for $ii = 0 to $numPoints - 1 do {
          $normal = $mdata.GetNormal($ii);
    $normal.z = $normal.z * -1;
          $output.print("%.6f; %.6f; %.6f;", $normal);
    if ($ii<$numPoints-1){
    } else {

$output.print("%d;\n", $numFaces);
        for $ii = 0 to $numFaces - 1 do {
$output.print("3; %d,%d,%d;", $mdata.GetIndex($ii*3 + 2), $mdata.GetIndex($ii*3 + 1), $mdata.GetIndex($ii*3));
if ($ii<$numFaces-1){
} else {
        $output.print("SI_MeshTextureCoords {\n%d;\n", $numPoints);
        for $ii = 0 to $numPoints - 1 do {
            $uv = $mdata.GetTexCoord($ii);
$uv.y = 1.0-$uv.y;
            $output.print("%.5f; %.5f;", $uv);
if ($ii<$numPoints - 1){
} else {


$result = 1;        /* Assume export will succeed. */

If export scripts are doable why wouldn't the ability to create import scripts be undoable in a future release?

I run Windows ME but the ASL editor won't run the program. Any suggestions for alternatives to checking the syntax used by Anim8or? Thanks. Leroy.

ASL Scripts / Anyone know where to get a copy of ASL Editor vrsion 2?
« on: March 16, 2012, 06:52:24 am »
I have version 3.5 but it won't run under Windows ME. Will version 2 run under ME? Thanks Leroy.

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