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Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [-] Figure,Bone,NameChange,Crash(Scene).
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:01:13 pm »
[-] Figure,Bone,NameChange,Crash(Scene).

I think this issue might be related to this one. (Different initial version)

Changing the name on a bone that has, 1) a linked-object attached to it that, 2) has skinning enabled. Triggers a crash at this point when, 1) viewing a scene with that figure, or 2) adding that figure to a scene.

- As of version(built): (<=)
- OS: XP & Vista.

- ObjectMode: Create some solid. (object01)
- FigureMode: Add bone01, Add object01 to bone01. (figure01)
- Enable skinning. (skinning toolbar button)(any skinning mode)
- SceneMode: Add figure01. (scene01)
- (save/load)
- FigureMode: change name on bone01 + OK.
- Switch to scene mode (scene01).
* crash


*Initial case update*
*Removed build update need*

#098-xxx - ?:NamedComRec Material binding bug.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1140

[-] Figure(mode),Material flip,Render-Image.

A little leftover part in relation to a issue that was fixed in(or before) build 1061.

Initial issue: After editing, or creating, a material in figure mode. Any used Object-materials on the objects in the figure would switch to using the same-named Figure-materials (or flip to default material). (for Figure and Sequence Workspace, which was fixed.)

The leftover part in this case is "Render image"* in Figure and Sequence mode.
*) Only for "Art Ray Tracer" render. The other two render modes (Scanline & OpenGL) are not affected by this.

- Version/Built: (1061) .. 1139.
- OS: XP & Vista

- ObjectMode: Create mesh, create material01(Red), apply material to mesh.
- FigureMode: Add bone01, create material01(not Red), Add Object to bone01.
- (save/load)(ART test image render)
- Open Figure material01 and close with OK.
* ART Rendered image is rendered with Figure-material01 instead of Object-material01. (Figure and Sequence mode only)

*build update*
*fixed update*

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [fixed] list-select,group,scaling.
« on: November 22, 2014, 06:28:39 pm »
#098-049 - List-selecting a group, then scaling, loses the scale factor.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1140

[-] list-select,group,scaling.

version/build: (0.8.5) .. 1138
OS: XP & Vista.

- Object mode:
- Create mesh item + Make group.
- Deselect.
- Open "Item list" window + select group item + ok.
- Scale group item. (any of both scale types)
* No scaling seems to be applied to the group/mesh. (ignoring+after scaling preview)

(Just dumping any, to me, potential unintentional stuff.)

*fixed update*

#098-xxx - crash for Undo of EditNamedCom.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1140

[-] Figure(mode),Named Com Editor,frame/undo,Crash.

Version/Build: (0.9.0) .. 1138
OS: XP & Vista.

- Object mode: Create some mesh.
- Figure mode: Add bone01 + Add Object to bone01.
- (save/load)
- Open "Named Com Editor" for object linked to bone.
- 1) Cancel & view:frame[f]. *crash*
- 2) Ok & Undo. *crash*

*fixed update*

Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1137

[-] Object(mode),Default Layer,Path & Add_Edge.

Newly created path's ignore user-set default-layer. Same it true for newly created mesh's by means of add-edge in point edit mode.
(Forgot: Layer setting on paths not yet saved to an8 file.)

- Version/Built: (1115) .. 1129.

(Just dumping any, to me, potential unintentional stuff.)

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [-] Figure(mode),Material-Bar,UI-Update.
« on: November 22, 2014, 06:04:48 am »
[-] Figure(mode),Material-Bar,UI-Update.

The material-bar in figure mode is not updated when switching between different figures.

- As of version(built): (<=)
- OS: XP.

- System Information ...
OpenGL Vendor:   Intel
OpenGL Renderer: Intel 915G
OpenGL Version:  1.4.0 - Build
OS Version:      Windows XP Service Pack 3 (5.1) build 2600

(Just dumping any, to me, potential unintentional stuff.)

*build update*
*Removed build update need*

[-] Figure(Mode),Bone,rotation,Coordinate system.

It seems to me that the middle-mouse rotation of a bone, when using world-cord or object-cord, is using screen-cord rotation. And that right-mouse rotation of a bone, when using world-cord and screen-cord, is using object-cord rotation.

- Version/Built: .. 1129.

(Just dumping any, to me, potential unintentional stuff.)

+(Erm. Think I better skip other "Coordinate system" usages. I keep getting lost.)

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [fixed] Modifier, Type related issues.
« on: October 28, 2014, 01:04:11 pm »
#098-043 - Multiple Modifier issues in properties dialog and copy/paste.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1127

Fixed(additionals): Build 1137

A couple of latent Modifier hiccups.

Tested against build 1121.

1 minor.
1 show-stopper.
1 possible hidden minor.

Modifier, Bend, Copy and paste: (v<=
- Create Modifier(Bend)
- (Bind a cylinder that's sticking out a bit at the top and bottom of the modifier)
- Set Bend to n>0. (90)
- Cut and Past the Modifier.
* (Cylinder at one of the modifier sides sticking way to far out.)
- Open Modifier Editor and close. (OK or Cancel)
* Modifier seems to collapses to height zero.

Modifier, Skew, Settings shift: (Appears between: v0.9.8.1 & v0.9.8.1088)
- Create modifier(Skew).
- Change modifier settings Skew(1) and Angle(45) + OK.
* Modifier is showing Skew 1, but not the Angle.
- Open Modifier Editor.
* Skew is now zero and Angle is now 1 (even if Angle was previous set to Zero).

Modifier, Skew, Copy and paste: (v<=, up to still be there in 1121)
- Create modifier(Skew).
- Change modifier settings Skew(1) and Angle(45) + OK.
- Cut and Paste the modifier.
* Skew settings where copied, but are not used anymore by the paste modifier.

(Modifier resets to normal behavior after changing its Type.)
(Swell, Taper, Twist: Nothing out of the ordinary spotted.)

*forcing full topic fix*

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [-] None-Uniform-Scale, Group in Group.
« on: October 21, 2014, 10:13:38 pm »
[-] None-Uniform-Scale, Group in Group.

It seems child group's inside a parent group don't get there position adjusted, when the parent group is none-uniform-scaled. (or the preview of the none-uniform-scaling is wrong.)

- Create 4 mesh items (one in each work-space-quadrant)
- Apply 'make group' on each of the mesh items separately. (Child groups)
- Select all, and apply 'make group' (Parent group)
- 'None uniform scale' the Parent group.

- As of version(built):
- OS: XP.

(Just dumping any, to me, potential unintentional stuff.)

*build update*
*Removed build update need*

Currently, when you rotate a set view [Left/Right, Top/Bottom] (with grid display active). The displayed grid orientation switches back to the [Front/Back] orientation.
This behaviour has as strong point that you always know how the grid is orientated when the view is not in one of the perpendicular view's. (Although I'm not sure if that matters that much to most modellers.)

I'm just a very general/noobie modeller. But in relation to the current displayed grid behaviour I sometimes fantasize about alternative behaviours. Including wondering if they might have any substantial benefits over the current system.

Idea 1: (Semi variable)
- The displayed grid orientation stays as is (for the current viewport), until a other [Front/Back, Left/Right, Top/Bottom] view is selected for that viewport.
Not to sure about Ortho view, but it could maintain/pick-up the current grid orientation for the current viewport.

Idea 2: (Auto variable)
- The orientation of the displayed grid changes, based on the viewing angle in the viewport.
Or, if you rotate a view from a Left-view towards a Top-view, The orientation of the displayed grid changes when the rotation passes a certain angle threshold.
(I figure this one has some critical aspects to make it work smoothly and to be useful, instead of being more of a hindrance.)

As the general idea here is to have some optional variable orientation of the displayed grid.
Idea 3:
The most simple way to set/switch the grid orientation would probably be a general 'Default Grid Orientation' setting. Where you could set the orientation from the default [Front/Back] displayed grid orientation to one of the other two. (Although I figure a more integrated+smooth behaviour here would work better. Provided there are any substantial benefits to it in the first place.)

PS: I don't have any real solid experiences with other modellers, and how or what they do in relation to this subject. Feel free to add your experiences on the subject if you have them. (I do have Blender, but eye-balling its beautiful UI is just about the most I did with it.)

Main reason for writing this ... was writing and thinking about it.  :)

#098-033 (partially) - Spherical and Cylindrical UV projection shows anomalies.
Fixed (*where possible): v0.9.8 build 1118

It seems that in some face-cases the Spherical/Cylindrical projection gets it wrong.

(image link)

Source mesh:
- Warp Modifier, Twist:90. (size: any>0, I think)
-- Rotate: Rotation None
-- (Location: Stand on Origin)
- Built: Convert to Mesh
Texture part:
- New Material: Diffuse -> Texture -> CHECKS. (OK,OK,Apply)
* Front view. (Framed)
- UV: [yes]
-- Switch projection to Spherical/Cylindrical.
* Back view.

General Anim8or Forum / Unbound Modifier use
« on: September 29, 2014, 05:09:17 pm »
I just found out that you can use Convert-To-Mesh on a unbound warp-modifier.
Resulting in a open-ended(Top, Bottom) modifier-shape mesh.
(all versions)

Now that I know ... it makes perfect sense. :)

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [fixed] Edge Rounding levels?
« on: September 27, 2014, 02:03:59 pm »
#098-022 - Edge roundness greater than 3 has no effect.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1112

After playing around with the Edge Rounding Levels. I'm wondering what's up with the rounding levels 4 to 7.

Old left-over stuff ?
(seems to be, but I'm not sure.)

(image=link) (minor mesh error are from messy screenshot merging)

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / [fixed] Menu consistency (Option,Grid)
« on: September 26, 2014, 10:12:21 am »
#098-xxx - xxx.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1112

Lets give this one a other try.

To open the "Grid Settings" window (Menu:Options,Grid),
In Object, Figure and Sequence mode its using the [G] key.
In Scene mode its using the [r] key. (Changed around v0.95)

It kinda makes sens to me to have the Grid option use the same menu-shortcut key across the different modes.

... Crosses fingers, nocks on wood, .. Sniff, Tosses rabbit feet in washer ...

#098-020 - Adding key to deleted/disabled joint axis in Sequence editor crashes.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1112

Disabled bones-axis in Sequence editor allow for key-adding(?). Which, when doing so, unfortunately result in Anim8or crashing.

(Old little issue I just run into. For which I could not find a related post.)

Reproduction: (New Project|098)
- Figure01:
-- Root bone: set one of the axes to Free.
- Sequence01:
-- Linkup to Figure01.
-- Disable the set Free-axis on the root bone again.
-- Double click grayed axis in track-window, [add-key], [Ok], *crash*.

Note: just in case. Just opening a set key-point on a grayed axis, and closing the key-editor with Ok will do it(crash) to.

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