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Note that topo knife fills polygons automatically, unlike the tool Trevor shows. In fact, topo knife largely supersedes Add Edge and, partially, Cut.

What were they thinking when they wrote this thing?
They were probably thinking, "The scope and complexity of this thing are BLOODY HUGE! Will I ever get to fix the point rotations, I wonder?" =)

Switch to wireframe mode.

Rotation works properly in the latest build. Now, if only there were a way to specify a custom rotation and scaling pivot in point edit mode =)

It's possible. Use the topo knife tool (shortcut key: k) and hold down Ctrl to drop points. But in Anim8or you'll be better off using other methods.
See if this video helps:

Sorry, I meant non-uniform scale uses the wrong coordinate system (like rotate does), not that it rotates things.

Point Move works properly for all coordinate systems, including Object. But Point Rotate looks like it's using World coordinates when it should be using Object.
Yes, that's true. And non-uniform scale behaves like rotate.
By the way, why do you disallow scaling to zero and negative scaling? They come in very handy sometimes.

#100-013 - Object/Move command uses World coordinates when Object coordinates are selected.
Can you make object coordinate system transforms work for points as well as objects?
Also, pivot rotation in screen coordinates doesn't work in perspective mode, even though pivot moving does. Do you test in perspective?

Well, right on the top of it there's the definition of PFE ( or VFE ) - " Points, Edges, Faces " so should not be that unclear. Though, " Extend selection when switching to points, edges, faces" sounds good , maybe even " Extend selection when switching between points, edges, faces ". But don't know if this will fit in the dialog window. May look kind of odd if there'll be a whole paragraph to click on . : )

Yeah, shorter would be better. How about "Points, edges, faces" as the title and "Extend selection when switching modes" as the label?
On a general note, the UI would look a lot better if it used sentence case everywhere that isn't a menu item or window title. Because at this time, Everything in Anim8or Looks Like the Name of a Movie.

Actually, originaly what is the exact name of points ( vertices - Trevor ;) ) in 3D CG ? If it's "vertex" and not " point", then it should be called as so everywhere inside Anim8or, including all commands all settings e.t.c.
Well, they're usually vertices in the context of polygonal geometry. Graphics APIs also call them vertices. Geometry types other than polygons have points, CVs (in NURBS) or CPs (in Hash splines). But the Anim8or UI traditionally refers to them as points, nothing wrong with that. Come to think of it, a vertex/point in a modelling program is a broader concept than an OpenGL vertex.

After all, we are not playing Quake, right? :D
No, but motor skills matter here also.

What do you think about changing PFE to VFE in the dialog to be consistent with the hot-keys.
I'd suggest changing this to "Extend selection when switching to points, edges or faces" or something like that. "PFE" and "VFE" are unclear and sound like chemical initialisms.

Why in "Component selection"  in the right toolbar "points" ("p"-hotkey) were renamed to "vertexes" ("v"-hotkey), since everywhere in edit menu there are "point - commands " and not "vertex commands".
The hotkey was changed to v so that you can switch to any component type effortlessly with your left hand.

Steve made selection conversion an option in the release. Go to File | Configure UI and enable Extend PFE Selection.

I'll admit, the controls havent changed.
Oh but they have. There's arc rotate, and navigation in perspective view has been fixed. It used to be way wonkier.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Diversions
« on: June 27, 2017, 08:18:26 am »
What next, a jackhammer?

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Where is everybody?
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:50:43 am »
Waiting for Steve to come back from his vacanze italiane.

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