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General Anim8or Forum / Texturing a horse model
« on: February 17, 2008, 03:41:37 am »
G'day all,
first post here in the Anim8or community (well, at least on this board). I keep trying to get into 3d modelling, for about a year now. I keep reading books and tutorials, but can't really think of a full project to do, so lack practise (I like developing games, but haven't really come up with an idea that can be easily implemented in 3d yet). So I decided to make a horse, since that can be used for heaps of projects, and should be simpler than a person, but challenging enough.

I've made a basic model from 3 cylinders (torso, 2 for legs), then realigned the points to follow the reference image. Then I paused before adding a head or tail. I remember some weird stuff when texturing: I may have seen it in tutorials. How would I texture a model which clearly wouldn't fit into the normal UVMapper shapes (cylinder, sphere, box etc.). Should I join the legs to the body now, or wait? Should I mirror the legs now or later? I guess I'm just confused as to what needs to be done next, to make it as simple as possible to finish.

I've attached a pic of the model. The back leg looks weird because I still haven't decided how low poly it should be. It's amazing how much less smooth a hexagonal cylinder is than an octagonal cylinder (front leg) :S

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