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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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 8)  I've found nice solution for transferring .an8 files(but it is plausible only when there aren't too many pictures involved in a project)-so I could transfer projects on usb or some cloud storage and work on it or render it on other computers. I just copy needed .an8 file in new folder, then I copy all the pictures used for that project and paste it into that folder also. When I copy it on some other computer and start that project - Anim8or looks for picture files automatically in that folder ;D

build 1194- new Anim8or looks very profesional as it deserve, gray interface looks smooth and stylish, works fine with W10 64bit ;D
I just had to ran it as administrator first time.
  I have few question- could it be possible to integrate used textures(pictures) into saved .an8 file? What I mean is- every time when I move or copy saved .an8 file in which I used some pictures for texturing or bumpmaps etc., and try to open the same file again, it gives me errors that it cannot find the pictures and I have to find that manually. example is in attached pic1.
 Support for non english fonts please? Manual altering of L strings in .an8 file with notepad as mentioned is hard, I got lost into the finding the right unicodes,there are so many of them :o :o

<Trevor>..maybe your PC or laptop has dual graphics -integrated and dedicated. Integrated gpu works most of the time on these configurations. You'll have to open settings on dedicated gpu and force it to turn on together with anim8or. /btw. you people should really put some basic hardware/system specs of your pc together with your comments so it would be easier to find the solution  ::)

"d-Anim"... and All the other users having problems with seeing labels (view options) here's a catch, there seems to be some driver issue when you have intel gpu- I can tell because I have intel gpu on laptop and I have the same problem there like you and also some shaders problems, I am not sure about AMD because I did't test it but I will soon. All new releases of Anim8or work superb with Nvidia gpu, even with the cheapest like mine on my spare PC. Here's a prtscr:

   Hello Mr. Steve and all the others on the forum,
  I've been learning Anim8or for some time and I like its speed and artistic posibility. 1179 release is a bit faster and unlocked bones and fast sellection are great. I managed to make this video using .1179 dev. release[/youtube]]https://www.

  There are few things I am looking forward to see in some new release:
 1.It would be great if you could add the support for east european latin/cyrillic fonts- it's imposible to enter/edit 3D text other than    english- I've tried many ways without any luck. background colour of the workspace cannot be manually changed into anything other than white- gray would be great.
 3.Could you make the posibility to add few more independent 'root bones' to one object into the 'figure mode'- I think that would make animation easier and without sliding during walk.

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