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31 Worksop Project

The Guppy Spacecraft

We will build a little model spaceship called Guppy,

We will try to extrude a lot of the bodywork to try and keep poly count down, but I expect it will start to go a bit haywire when we begin adding some detail.

We will try to do some videos but it will start of as  text based ( with Screenshots).
We do hope you follow along and possibly provide some input whilst we ramble along. Use the image above to loosely base
the model on, we will NOT add every detail to the image shown , but you can enhance how you wish.

Make sure you are in front View, Object Mode(Default)
Lets drag out a parametric Sphere, and while its still parametric double left click it to get the editor box and
change DIV lon to 18 and Lat to 12  click ok.
Menu/Edit Rotate x90.
Menu/Edit Rotate y90.
Menu/Build/Convert to mesh.

Select Point Mode (Point icon on)
Lets cut a few Edges Select the Knife tool Shift/C
and then make some cuts per the screenshot(make sure both front and back are selected and hopefully if you
are careful enough the cuts will go through to the back of the sphere as well. Just make sure they have when you
have completed it (switch to back view to see ) if any have missed then unselect BACK and complete those cuts.
Remember to switch back on again when you have done this and return to Front View.

Select Point Mode (Face icon On)

Select all the faces that have been cut from the main sphere, This will form the Visor/Window for the
craft. You can either multi -select them or use Ctrl and right click your way round until they are all selected.
See screenshot. With all faces highlighted use Menu/Edit/Detach Faces.

Lets make this a new object.
Select Object Mode.
The Visor part should be highlighted with its bounding box ( if not just click it) do a Ctrl/C to copy the object
then  Menu/Object/New Object and paste Ctrl/V  Use Menu/Settings/Object to rename this to "Visor"
Now switch back to the original object highlight the visor and use delete to erase it from the sphere.
To not get confused with various objects that will be created in this workshop I would recommend you rename the sphere to "Ship Body".
We are now ready to manipulate the bodywork

In the Screenshot Below I have drawn out slightly The points at the top and bottom of the Hole/

Lets build the intake Cowl on top of the ship. Select the faces as shown in the screenshot and extrude them up

We have adjusted the points once we were happy with the height of the cowl, so that they followed roughly the shape
 of the Sphere.

 Shift to left view and select the two faces on the front of the Cowl then use Shift/M to merge the

We have adjusted the points to make them more equal in relationship to each other,  then we have selected the face and extruded it inwards into the body, afterwards we have gone ito edge mode and selected all the edges around the front cowl and Bevelled them with the bevel tool. You may need to flip the faces on the model once you do this as they have a tendency to flip when using the bevel tool.

So we have the top cowl done , lets attend to the font of the ship now,

We need to select the edges on the front as shown in the next screenshot

Make sure both Front and back are selected when you select the edges using the multiselect tool,  then use
the extrude edges tool Shift/E to drag another set of edges you will need to use the scale and move tools to roughly follow the contour of the ships front.

and I attach a series of screenshots to help you do this.

Finally for this section you will have to join across the points that have been made when extruding these
edges. and then one you have filled them with faces, can use the knife tool (In Front Only)  to divide
these faces.

Continuing on...

Lets make some side pods now... Select on both sides of the model in face mode these faces per the screenshot below:

Then using Multiextrude drag them out just slightly:

Then again fully out to the size you want:

You will see from the above screenshots The three faces or each side have been merged using Shift/M
We can now inset them in then using a combination of single extrude and scale face drag them into the bodywork. the complete sections should look so below:

Now turn your model using Arc Rotate (Ctrl/R) so that the rear of the ship is visble and select t the two
faces shown below:

Inset them then delete the resulting faces, Now go to edge mode and select those edges that made up the inset
edges and drag them out using the Extrude edges tool Shift/E
These will make up the exhaust ports so you can do what you like with them to make them look cool.

Now rotate the ship around to see the cockpit and select in edge mode all the edges that make up the cockpit

scale the edges initally then use the edge extrude to make another set of edges , move then in and scale and finally make another set of edges and scale move  to make them as per screen shot below:

Rotate the ship to the underside and select the following faces...

Use the flatten command found in Menu/Edit/Flatten and do normal , this will later make up the undercarriage.

Lets move round to the rear of the ship , and select all those faces indicated in the screenshot which we will merge with Shift/M

and the we can start using the single extrude tool and scale face tool to drag out a main exhaust port.

Ready for another bout?

Adding more bits to our ship, Now you could really go to town adding refinements to the sphere, but I will try to keep the poly count down as I said before in the very first post to this tutorial.

Select the faces as shown in the next screenshot Front and Back views.

Extrude them out using multiextrude then scale in with the scale face tool.
then select two faces as shown (Both sides)

Have you used the Bump Tool?

In the next screenshot I have bumped those two faces (Both sides)

then turning the ship round bump those faces, The next shot involes scaling , and single extrusion to get
what will be a tubular vent I finally inset the last face and extruded it in

Select these faces both sides and then bump them three times.

Then these faces but extrude out

Select this irregular polygon ( again both sides )

Inset it then extrude out a couple of times.

Finally for this session highlight the model, then do a Menu/Build/Subdivide to see how its looking...
Hopefully it will look something like so...

Don`t forget to undo the last operation before saving the model. If you do save it as a Subdivision, just double click it, in the pop up requester change the 2 and 3 to  0 and 1 then Menu/Build/Convert to Mesh

If you find this useful then please do let us know and we will finish it off with the Visor!

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Anim8orWorld Tutorial 1 HotRod
« on: August 26, 2012, 08:32:34 am »
So whats Occuring.. ;D

I noticed today that the images are a tad on the large size, so, if your using chrome I`d go to options and zoom out a little to say, 60% then you`ll have no problems.

Anim8orWorld HotRod Tutorial 1

Thought I`d set about doing this HotRod, for the Anim8orWorld Workshop. Looks simple enough and should be a doddle to complete ( famous last words!)

All done in anim8or so you should be able to easily follow along no Ref images for this all done on the Fly, wing, whatever, no videos, just start off with a cuboid and use  face extrude to do half of the shape below, then mirror and join it ... hey presto, the Chassis and basis for all the rest of the Motor. tidy.

Note: I will Update this single thread as I complete each bit, rather than keep making new posts . BTW, the Spitfire I will get back to, I was going to do a load of videos for it but to tell you the truth I really can`t be arsed... Cracking!! ;D

Update: Added some blocks to get the chassis correctly propotioned From Front, Radiator, Engine Block, Dashboard & FootWell ,Seating Cockpit and finally Luggage/Fuel Compartment does it not look good..lush!!

Here is a wheel that I have just ued the inset and extrude tool to get a tyre, rim and all the other gubbings, ( have to do this quick as Im at work at the moment but you can refine a little better so that the outside has some depth t it!
 Outer Wheel

Inside of Wheel

and finally With subdivision in place

So all we need to do with the wheel is copy and paste to the other three and we are in business I`ll next go a bit more in depth with the chassis and connect the wheels etc . Tidy

Update: is this three .... oh yeah...

Sorted a bit more to the chassis and extruded some wishbones for the front, needless to say I`ll need to bolt them with Bolts at some stage but they are little buggers to do so I`ll leave all the little bits till last want to get on with the engine and cockpit

Here is the Revised V1 Chassis ( it will change again when I get the back sorted out with a differental.

Now I have got that done, I revised the wheels and added some other bits, .... they are all just extrusions pulled in and out for speed, I should really have added a cylinder for the steering tie rod,  was an afterthought should have really bashed the ends then just chucked some bolts and nuts through them
most probably will do so though in next revision
Heres a close up pic

and finally progresss so far ...

Another update:

Dropped the V8 Engine Block in, may need to adjust that chassis again for some engine mountings at rear, will need the gearbox supported as well when That goes in so will adjust as neccessary.

starting to work on the carbs and exhaust ports next ....

Just finished for tonights session finished the Carbs exhaust ports in progress.... new thread tomorrow

Started Early Today, 12th October 2011. Now panel Beating the cockpit together, thought I might add Brake servo Etc to the bulkhead of the cockpit, but that might involve more wiring etc. Doors open and close needs some hinges and handle  Next to add seat  Must look Lush though.

Added some more box sections to the rear Chassis, with wishbones, added front Headlamps, Fuel tank at rear, and finished off the other side for exhaust ports.

Still to do: Front Leaf Springs , Rear Leaf Springs, Sundry bits to the engine Dynamo, Oil Filter , Plugs and leads Steering Rods, Shocks front and rear.

Its starting to look lush!

Added Seat, Steering Wheel, Exhaust Ports(One Side) Back Box section done roughly. Next to add Rear Wishbones, Suspension, Diff  and a Sort of Gearbox so I can have shift Changer.

Giving the modelling a rest for the moment, One good thing with doing this in a sort of modular form, is that you can take say the engine if your not satisfied with it, and re-work it, then paste it back in.

I exported the model as a 3ds then chucked it Carrara stuck a few procedurals on it and used some different HDRI maps to  see what effects it would have

Here are the results.

I`ll use this new thread for updates now:

Added some more box sections to the rear Chassis, with wishbones, added front Headlamps, Fuel tank at rear, and finished off the other side for exhaust ports.

Still to do: Front Leaf Springs , Rear Leaf Springs, Sundry bits to the engine Dynamo, Oil Filter , Plugs and leads Steering Rods, Shocks front and rear.

Its starting to look lush!

Latest revisions... Lots more to add though, and some cleaning up to do

latest revision so far...

Now I did say I was going to stick a gearbox in, especially as the gear shift lever is in , (it would look odd if it was just stuck on the floor!

And finally an underside view I want to fix the leaf springs so that they are functional rather than just stuck there so will need U clamps etc

E & O EE

Lots more tutorials at

Also please note This is copyright to Please do not post on other sites (You know who you are!)

General Anim8or Forum / Muvizu and Anim8or
« on: July 19, 2012, 03:06:46 am »
Just a heads up on Muvizu, which seems to be a good character animation system for new users, in built movement, lip synch to a degree,

I am currently adapting my anim8or models for use in this program

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8orWorld Free Model
« on: March 04, 2012, 06:21:12 am »
Pop over to our new Anim8or Shop and download Our JunkBike freebie,
While the stock lasts ...

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8orWorld
« on: December 29, 2011, 04:15:06 am »

is now live and will cater for any member wishing to brush up their Modelling skills through a series of assignments This is a subscription based site.

thanks for your attention

Best wishes for 2012 to all serious anim8or users.

General Anim8or Forum / Standardising Anim8or folders.
« on: December 05, 2010, 05:26:19 pm »
I am currently working with Poser and have found that anyone that uses it has an advantage in that they have standardised the zip contents of any file downloaded.
All the textures are neatly set into appropriate folders together with any geometries poses etc.

Now wouldn`t it be nice if everyone in the the anim8or community did the same!

So I am now going to use this easy method for ALL my files in future.
I propose that everybody uses the same folder content then it would make it easier to have the appropriate textures, scenes sequences figures etc

You will need to create the following folders on your hard drive :

A Base Folder called

Then within this folder create the following new folders:


You will need to reconfigure your settings in anim8or (if you use them!)

So now when you make up a zip file for distribution you can easily include the appropriate files and recipients can find them
with the original model intact

You can add further subfolders within the base folders to easily maintain an organised workflow..

ie   Anim8or_Runtime:
The attached Zip file should provide you with some ready models and should clarify the above

My freebie Poser stuff is at:

Finished Works and Works in Progress / C3DE Contest - Time For Lunch Part II
« on: September 10, 2010, 02:07:04 am »

General Anim8or Forum / Animanon Motorcasts
« on: September 03, 2010, 02:24:27 am »
I`m making a motor..... well a Ford Escort Ghia actually follow my Motorcast blog series at;sa=cat;id=4

start from the bottom, working up each cast approximately 10 minutes long.

Learn how to use point modelling, open to visitors there`s no need to login

unless you wish to comment, but hey you can do that here.
 :D ;D

Finished Works and Works in Progress / ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR
« on: October 07, 2009, 04:44:40 pm »

Well this is it...... We have finished with this piece  Firstly I must thank Ensoniq5, Falloffalot, Headwax and Roygee for making their valuable contributions towards this project without your support guys,  this would not have been possible.

As a major community project goes, I have learned some pointers, and will put those into practice for the forthcoming one.

Some submissions I had to omit, whilst others have been used though they were not quite finished.

Please bear in mind the animation is 11 minutes long (324.5Meg).... and may take some time to buffer.

All The models submitted were constructed using Anim8or, however, all animation, lighting and rendering were done with Carrara


or view on Youtube at

A new Project is in progress at Animanon


General Anim8or Forum / O3D
« on: July 26, 2009, 05:56:05 pm »
Hot from just to keep you informed  This looks an exciting development .......   :D

3d game on your browser, but you will need the O3D Plugin from google

( works well with Chrome- everybody must be using chrome ...if your not then get it!! ... Its getting better and better all the time!! )[/youtube]ws-lq-lq2-hq-vhq-hd]O3D Beach Demo
What is intriguing me, is the fact that you may be able to post 3d content onto the site, to be seen  with your
browser  ie: interactive 3D  wicked for a step by step  runthrough

As a finale to this post, first make sure you have the O3D plugin installed in your browser, then goto the link below
click in the frame once your man appears then move him about with the arrow keys....   moving the mouse while he is stationary will make him do a little dance , spacebar makes him jump.

I hope you see the possibilities this opens up....

I don`t know if this is a bug or just my machine behaving oddly but sometimes I`ll be happily using anim8or then, create a new object, make it, then start to apply textures, only to find that I cannot load any at all!

Even the other objects materials that reside on the file appear to have been lost so I have to quit out,  then reload the file and they appear.

This has been happening to me on  regular occasions and can sometimes be quite frustrating.

Any suggestions other than the reload? 

I cannot give you a file to try as it might not happen for a while But when it does I will upload a screenshot  and the file with the original textures

General Anim8or Forum / Model a tank in Anim8or
« on: October 14, 2008, 09:49:45 am »
Aimed at new users to anim8or we will guide you through using all the modelling tools to create a Tank then animate it

This tutorial and associated Videos can be found at

videos done to date Sprocket wheel,
                                 Track Link,
                                 Bogie Wheels,
                                 Turret & Gun,
                                 Body Shell and Track guards.

We would love to see you, join in the fun!  :o

Here to help the Anim8or Community.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Obj crash with 0.97D
« on: October 03, 2008, 03:40:04 am »
I found a bug!... Importing .obj with mtl files anim8or immediately crashes.

From Steve:
kreator, please post bugs as a new topic (with a meaningful subject ) I can't repro this.  Can you send me your .obj and .mtl files that crash?

From Headwax on animanon board:
Problem with obj crashing has been around for a while with the last few versions. Plagues me sometimes when going from uvmapper to anim8or. You have to do a few thuings to get it to crash though - acn't remember how to set the crash up but it doesn't happen 100 percent of time

To fix Just get an older version .95 I think, open it up with that then save and open it up in .97d.

I did post this bug a while ago but got ignored so I took the thread down again

Crash Can happen with any Obj and mtl file /  if .mtl is deleted .obj will load

General Anim8or Forum / SELF PORTRAIT COMP
« on: October 02, 2008, 04:40:23 am »
OUR New Animation Competition Is Currently in Progress called:

                                     SELF PORTRAIT

Why not have a go, all users welcome to participate whether newbie or seasoned user for full details

General Anim8or Forum / DotAn8 Magazine.. August issue
« on: August 04, 2008, 04:45:19 pm »
Just to let all users know Dotan8 is now available to download at


enjoy  8)

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