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General Anim8or Forum / Help to FIX a .an8 FILE!! Urgent!!
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:30:29 pm »
Hi guys, :)

i save a file .an8 today (WIP of objects), but  give ERRO!! :'(
for re-open and the autosave not work in this file!

"Erro in reading file"

out the autosave i costume use zip the files, of time and time for security,
but in this case i zip the file with erro!!

in others times i self maker the correction but in this file
I'm not getting!! >:(

i need a help for FIX THE ANIM8OR FILE.

Please someone can help-me?? ::)

the file is attached!

PS: discard the textures if need..

Thanks all!

hi Guys  :)

how all you know im learning so much (alone  :'( )  and start work with games for smartphones, if a day i join a good money my dream is travel for other spaces and why no others countrys?? EUA UHUUUU !!! .. :)

follow a preview(WIP WORK and YOUTUBE VIDEO PREVIEW) of my new game for smartphone all characteres made in Anim8or.

Game for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.

Fleas Ninja!!!(this icon character is made in anim8or Cel Shading 2D mode)

full details in:
Youtube game video preview :

Avaliable in ANDROID MARKET( buy if you can for help  ::) or case no, please maker comments  ;) )
and coming soon in APPSTORE.

please critics and comments are wellcome!!
sorry my english..

thanks all  :)

Hi guys, :)

I worked and studied hard but finally I finished my first game for mobile/smartphone... :)
i made all characters in Anim8or so i share the information with the forum, follow some images and links:

youtube video:

a few hours im maker the upload...
in moment is only available in "Android Market"
for buy $ 0.99 (i dont make free because im a Poor Brasilian Man, is TRUE  :'(  and i lose much time and money to make he )

- please SOMEONE HAS ANDROID SMARTPHONE? because im DONT TEST IN DEVICE, i need a help! i dont has android, only a ipod. Please, if someone in other country can maker the download please tell me ok!  ::) dont only for the money ok!
the link:
i send too for "AppStore" for iphone/ipad.. :-[
but is very slow the approvation..i wait then they release too.

thanks so much! please comments are wellcome!! :)

PS:  ::)  if someday if I get rich!  i send some money to Steve investing in Anim8or. ok ;D

ASL Scripts / ALIGN POINTS SCRIPT - Help need
« on: May 13, 2011, 01:39:48 pm »
Hi Guys,

so i have this script for many time,
its work for me, but i think then can be better. :)

i show example:

i need..

here the script:
Code: [Select]
  *Name: Aling points to (x,y,z)
  *CopyLeft: 2010
  *Author: Neiro
  *Date: 03/03/10
  *Description: based in Vytautas_alinhar_pontos_line_points_v1
  *Parameters:  *= width;  *= height;  *= width_divisions;  *= height_divisions;

/***** Init *****/
object $object;
shape $shapes[0];
shape $shape;
int $shape_count;
point3 $points[0];
point3 $point;
int $point_count;
int $i;
int $j;
int $direction;

if (GUI.Xenabled) $direction = 0;
else if (GUI.Yenabled) $direction = 1;
else $direction = 2;

if (GUI.Xenabled && GUI.Yenabled && GUI.Zenabled) $direction = 3;

meshdata $mesh_data;
$object = project.curObject;
$shape_count = $object.GetShapes($shapes);

/*** Get all selected points from all the shapes ***/

for $i = 0 to $shape_count - 1 do{
$shape = $shapes[$i];

/* If shape is a mesh.. */
if($shape.GetKind() == SHAPE_KIND_MESH){

/* i try this..but dont work.. :( --> || $shape.GetKind() == SHAPE_KIND_SUBDIVISION */

/* Get the shape point number */
$point_count = $shape.GetNumPoints();

for $j = 0 to $point_count - 1 do{
if($shape.GetPointSelected($j)) {
$point = $shape.GetPoint($j);
if($direction == 0){
$point.x = 0;
if($direction == 1){
$point.y = 0;
if($direction == 2){
$point.z = 0;
/* TODOS XYZ ATIVADOS alinha todos para  */
if($direction == 3){
$point.x = 0;
$point.y = 0;
$point.z = 0;
$shape.SetPoint($j, $point);

can someone maker this correction??! ::)
thanks !

Hi guys! :D
im very happy because(after months) i finishing my
new game named of:
C.M.F GAME - Celebrities Mortal Fighters.
style mortal kombat and street fighter, and i like share to you!
is a free online game made using 3D characters
modeling, render and animateds in Anim8or
but the result is like retro 16bit games,
where every week im go maker a new
celebrity as Fighter.
i create a channel in youtube and blog
for post videos, cheats, comments, critics
and suggestions about the C.M.F GAME.

Youtube channel:[/youtube]]http://www.

site game:
bellow imagens of the game, made in Anim8or!

Please visit the site play the game if possible  :)
comments and critics are wellcome!
again sorry my english..

PS: guys if yours see some erro in English in game
please help to maker the correction  ::)

thanks so much! :D

Hi guys,  :)
i maker a new website in Flash,
i like share the character all made in Anim8or!

coments are wellcome!
thanks! :)

Hi Guys,

I know the Steve are disappeared of Forum and busy too.
but i go posting news ideas/request(for i dont forget), for Anim8or future. :)
14-Load multiples textures
15-Drag textures
16-Dont change names of objects when converted;
17-Organize group objects in "Item List" by tree;
17a-Able selected objects inside groups;

please comments, i dont know then someone send before this requests..
PS: I'm finishing other ideas, i go post soon.

Thanks Steve and all!! :)

again, Sorry my english :)

ASL Scripts / Scripts Request: Edge to point or Faces to point!
« on: July 27, 2010, 07:47:12 pm »
hi guys, somebody can maker this scripts? :)

are simples scripts i think then make changes in "POINTS to EDGE" script
this is possible..i try but i dont can make.. :'(

1 -  Edge to point ;
2 -  Faces to point;
one of two, already help me..

some moments i need make this selections..but anim8or not has this functions..

thanks so much all!

Finished Works and Works in Progress / My new game - WIP characteres
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:15:34 pm »
Hi guys, im maker other game in flash
and go used jpeg of characters in 3D.:)

below the WIP of 2 characters in Anim8or, made in two days work.


comments are wellcome :)

sorry my english.. ::)

General Anim8or Forum / Material Raytracer database
« on: March 09, 2010, 08:17:28 pm »
Hi guys,  :)

im start this topic for we SHARE OWN RAYTRACER MATERIALS..
i send 3 .an8 materials:

1 - IOR Refraction (glass, water, diamond..etc.)
2 - some primitives colors REFLECTION
3 - same primitives colors GLOSSY


this values is based in IOR then i see in WEB:


3 - SPECULAR GLOSSY primitives


Please if you has more materials please share ok!  ;)

below files to DOWNLOAD

Hi guys(in special KubaJzz and Fransceco)!

is possible make this script?
(based in Magnet TOOL(by Fransceco) i believe then yes..)

i know then others softwares 3d has this function,
but i never use..

some samples in another softwares:

so...for make this, i know  IS NEED what ASL SCRIPT,
has the ability to STORE information and ALWAYS associate
the objectInfluence to points...

ASL SCRIPT can do THIS!!??

Thanks so much!!!

« on: January 11, 2010, 09:11:33 am »

Hi Guys!! :)
i think then somebody has the same problem what me..
in moment of render fire/particles in RAYTRACE MODE.

Now i  show my way to render ok!

we need only make some ROTATIONS IN PARTICLES in SCENE MODE...

i hope help somebody ok! :D

PS: speaking on fire ... ::)

I sent  small video to YOUTUBE..
Rocket with fire - using RAYTRACER and Terranim8or Particle Trail..

i make only for test.

thanks! :)

Hi Guys(and Steve),

i'm missing Steve  :'(
but i Know then Steve are busy  :D

meanwhile, I would like the future a new feature..

while not has  INVERSE KINEMATICS..

i try show in Flash easy way to move bones
without always need click in "Select<button>" --->"Rotate Bone<button>" etc..
when change bone to move!!

my sample show, how are very usefull if we can use only click in point of  bone ..
is helpfull and fast to make animations in figure mode!

see images of my programation sample and link to TRY IN REALTIME in file .SWF OK

i hope if possible in future this way can be implemented in Anim8or !!

1-bones statics

2-animate bones only clicks and drag!!


in this way we dont need AWAYS click in:

 "Select<button>" --->"Rotate Bone<button>"
 "Select<button>" --->"Rotate Bone<button>"
 "Select<button>" --->"Rotate Bone<button>"
 "Select<button>" --->"Rotate Bone<button>"

to animate bones movements..OK

Thanks all!! more time, SORRY MY ENGLISH.. ;)

General Anim8or Forum / TOOL: FREE ALL BONES !! for .an8 files
« on: January 05, 2010, 01:40:07 pm »
hi GUYS ,

time ago, i has made this tool IN FLASH,

I will now share with you!! ::)

make below THE DOWNLOAD " FREE ALL BONES TOOL to anim8or"

(.EXE and demo.an8 file)

there little  bug, but most of the bones are free ok!!

ASL Scripts / HELP in Script (tree script)
« on: May 21, 2009, 09:46:48 pm »
Hi guys,
please someone can help me in this script..?

is a simples script based in hair script, it make one pseudo tree, but can be used to maker grass, fur, etc, if changer the textures..

..i think then need change/insert the SIMPLE LINE CODE.. but im not  good
in ASL scripts..(STILL)  :'(

the script files are be attached(zipped) below

thanks so much all!!  :)

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