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Author Topic: alt quirks  (Read 4390 times)


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alt quirks
« on: September 13, 2008, 08:55:04 pm »

cleaning up hardisk ...
1) ASL predefined PI constant returning int 3 instead of float 3.1415926. (v0.95..v0.97B)

2) (crash) modifier with bound Item, after select, copy*2, deselect. (v0.85..v0.97B)

3) (gui) modifier bound Items don't show there material(s) on loading. (v0.62..v0.97B)

4a) (crash) global materials import. (~v0.85..v0.97B)
- base file must contain more then one object.
- active object replaced by object(import) containing global material use.
Ex1) Prj-1:Obj01,Obj02. Prj-2:obj01+Gmat(applied). Imp:(Prj-1[Obj01])<-Prj-2(Y)
Ex2) Prj-1:Obj01,Obj02. Prj-2:obj02+Gmat(applied). Imp:(Prj-1[Obj02])<-Prj-2(Y)
4b) global material import(replace Gmat-?) cancel stops futher material import.

-5) first center node of a scene position step key is ignoring grid setting. (workspace) (v0.90[15-nov-04]..v0.97B)

-6) modifier bound element moves back to org(element) position after modifier-move+update|save-load. (v0.62..v0.97B)

7b) (gui) past bend modifier warps to lenght 1 after modifier update, (bend != zero) (v0.62..v0.97B)
7c) (gui) past skew modifier warps to skew 0. (v0.62..v0.97B)

-8a) elements in list-selected group don't scale, snap back(no scaling) after scaling(both). (v0.85..v0.97B)
-8b) group elements lose there main-material after, undo scale(both), cut|copy, paste. (v0.85+8a/v0.95..v0.97B)

9) Applied global-file-material hyjacking by local-object/figure-material, with same name at NEW state. (figure-cyl/sph)(v0.62..v0.97B)

-10) normal scene grid not working/displayed. (v0.97B)

11) figure object-element bounding-frame not updated after object edits. (v0.90[15-nov-04]..v0.97B)

-12) (crash) after OK'ing figure-object-[Named Com Editor] + frame(all|selected).  (v0.90[15-nov-04]..v0.97B)

13a) local material previews not drawn when switching to newly loaded objects. (not for first displayed object)(+materialbar,Local) (v0.97B)
-13b) local material bar not repainted when switching between figures. (v0.62..v0.97B)

14a) undo not working for move/rotation/scale on scene object-element. (noneAnimated-element)(v0.90[15-nov-04]..v0.97B)
14b) undo not working for move/rotation/scale on scene figure/light/camera-element. (noneAnimated-element)(v0.70..v0.97B)

15a) UV-reset or UV-mode change applyed to whole mesh instead of selected faces. (point-edit)(v0.96..v0.97B)
15b) UV-framework not redrawn after using [CTRL-SHIFT]. (v0.96..v0.97B)
15c) UV-framework not following list-selected element change. (v0.96..v0.97B)

-16) tripple-dot buttons in scene element editors that do not open corresponding key editor.
16a) target editor: orientation/enableRoll/visible. (v0.70..v0.97B)
16b) light editor: enableRoll. (v0.70..v0.97B)
16-) (gui) target element has no own displayed axis. (useful when target is used as a rotational center)

T.1049) (gui) local-object-material lose on figure-object, after figure-material change. (+sequence)(v0.90[01-may-05]..v0.97B)
(enforced material lookup/update after certan figure actions uses figure material list instead of object material list.)

x) (gui) display freeze after middle mouse click in workspace with arc-rotate active and a main-menu item open. (v0.62..v0.97B)
x) (gui) scene track window part not repainted after restore-window from maximized-window. (v0.62..v0.97B)
y) (gui) scene ground grid size not editeble inside app.
z) (ubs) xxx\yyy\bugs0.xx.txt ~?~> sticky.