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Author Topic: Canyon Runner - Java game made with Anim8or's help  (Read 3153 times)


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Canyon Runner - Java game made with Anim8or's help
« on: December 02, 2008, 05:31:15 pm »

Here's a 2D Java game I made for my final project in Java class. Music is a midi of Donkey Kong Country 2's Roller Coaster song, so kudos to Rare. Objective is to dodge incoming obstacles as long as possible, player can slow down or speed up, and gaining points will be dependent on that. Free life after so many points and as your score grows the faster the game speeds up. I have not made a public copy yet, but if I get around to it, I will update this post and add a link.

Here's a low quality youtube vid:[/youtube]]http://www.

Here's a high quality avi of the same vid (~40 MB)

Here's some sloppy pics: