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Author Topic: My Starfox Clone  (Read 3401 times)


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My Starfox Clone
« on: July 07, 2009, 03:28:48 pm »

I've been modeling in anim8or for a long time now. Maybe even 5 years.

Anyway, after three years of a computer science degree and one openGL book.  I've started to do something with the models.  I'm making a game which will be basically a starfox clone.  So far it isn't much and it's not exactly a modeling showcase yet, but I figured I'd link to it and let people know.  I made a little blog for it, so if people want to try it out they can.  There isn't a windows version yet, but there will be someday.

I'm a way better modeler than what you see in the game, but I kind of want to give the game a retro feel, so the modeling will be pretty low poly and simple, but hopefully the gameplay will be good and people will enjoy it. 

I'm just doing it for the experience.  If I want to break in to the games industry, they usually want a couple of years experience working on games, so this is how I'm getting it.

Also I'd just like to say that my little foray in to openGL has really shown me how amazing a piece of software anim8or is.  Steve must have put an unimaginable amount of work in to anim8or to make it what it is today.

Thanks for reading.  Comment away if you'd like.