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Author Topic: Most Impressive  (Read 3160 times)

wacky blend

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Most Impressive
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:22:56 pm »


My first time here and I have been using Blender since...uh, a long time now.  So it is difficult adjusting to the different GUI.  I haven't had time to look over ALL the stuff yet but I found you from a youtuber by the handle kingbraceblane.  Many blenderheads (like myself) are pretty much a one horse kind of person.  But I like to expand my tools where and when I can.

What I find impressive about the Anim8or vs the Blender so far is:
  • Just the one man programming it. Quite a good deal of work for a solo act. So take a bow.
  • Compact size of the download.  I realize that the Blender is a lot more, but I am just comparing the rendering aspects.
  • Render quality vs time is pretty damn fast.
  • No special needs -- high end video cards or memory issues.
  • Simple GUI makes easy to learn but I still like Blender's GUI better.
  • Both are free, but something tells me once you get this up to version 1 or 2...  ;)
  • Imports 3DS and other popular meshes.

I want to get to learning so I better stop typing but first I will see if I can help anyone out here in the forum.