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Author Topic: fighting  (Read 3948 times)


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« on: February 12, 2010, 02:52:44 pm »

as a personal challenge to myself becouse ive never done it; im making two charicters fight. just a fist fight no weapons. im just looking for some tips from the experts who have done fights. how would you go about creating an exersize like this. or any sugestions.
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Re: fighting
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2010, 04:16:12 pm »

The key to this sort of thing is the choreography of the fight itself.  I would work out the sequence of moves in real time in a mock fight with a mate, and once you have decided on the sequence of moves I would record it on video from a couple of different angles.  This video would then become the master reference when keyframing the animation.  Set up your scene with cameras in the same positions that you videoed your live action and you'll be able to rig the motion of your models by visually comparing it to the video.

IK would be a big benefit in rigging the action (*nudges Steve*) but it can be done without it.  I haven't rigged a fight before but I have done a bit of character animation.  I would probably rig the models with the root bone in the solar plexus area, and start the animation by defining the keyframes for the upper torso of each character, moving outwards through the limbs and heads.  It'll be painstaking to get this right, but the more effort you put in the better the result.


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Re: fighting
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2010, 05:26:45 pm »

 Hi there mak and ENSONIQ5 , :)
Just a thought on an old idea.
 Re, using your own video as a ref for the animation.
 MP3D and myself, a long time ago, realised that by using terranim8ors 'animated background function', as an excellent way of doing this.
 Animated backgrounds in terranim8or are done by spreading out a sequence of images onto seperate 'object planes', which are then displayed in scene mode. ie: image01 shows in cam view in scene mode, on frame 1.
 Image 2 shows on frame 2, image 3 on frame 3 etc...

 To use this method,  you'll need to change your video to .bmp? images, and perhaps cut them down to sequences of 100 frames or so, rather than try with the whole vid in 1 go, coz if the vid is in the thousands of frames, your an8 file will have lieterally thousands of objects, which could take forever to load, if at all.
Makes for very accurate reference, frame by frame, but, not necessarilly suitable for all things. I used this method when learning walk cycles, and it was pretty cool. But then again, i've made some fight sequences and preferred not to use this method for that.
 You may find it easier to 'wing it' while using your vid as the master reference 'outside of anim8or'
 Just wanted to mention that it is a possibility, but may suit some people/projects better than others.  ;)

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