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Author Topic: We Own The Skies Storyline in Brief... (Preview Storyline)  (Read 4017 times)

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We Own The Skies Storyline in Brief... (Preview Storyline)
« on: February 22, 2010, 04:04:46 pm »

Ok so i didn't really want to release this but here it goes, The storyline is vague in a sense but the idea is there and i've got a lot of determination to make this thing happen. I have a lifetime to complete it, so i'm on no tight schedule.

This is how i summed it up to a friend of mine over MSN.

(20:46:36) Andy W...: its hard to summarise really but i will try
(20:49:39) Andy W...: Basically its about a group of 3 astronauts which are going to this mars base thing to carry out an experiment which is like pretty revolutionary ( not gonna say what it is yet cuz i don't wonna give to much away), the company they work for(PTC) is based both on mars and earth but they carry out all the tests up on mars where its safe away from lots of people,
(20:52:13) Andy W...: before the 3 astronauts make it to mars, an accident occurs on the mars base and its caused by like a strange occurance, when the company that runs it back on earth hears about it, they claim that there was an explosion and no known survivors, and they do knwo about the 3 astronauts going to mars but they cut all communications back to earth as they don't want the truth about what has happened to be found out back on earth by the public
(20:54:16) Andy W...: The 3 are like confused as to what is going on and when they arrive at the base, they don't expect to see what they do, and begin to look for people, they find some people but they act very odly and they say a lot of people are missing (all this bit of the film is like themed to be pretty scary), when they discover that the company back on earth has cut the communications they know something strange has gone on and relise that they are isolated
(20:56:24) Andy W...: there aim now is to survive and try to make it back to earth or at least send back the truth as to what has happened at the mars base. What they don't know is that back on earth as the news of this (so called) explosion is found out, the world space organisation or nasa or whoever decides to create a rescue team, the company running the mars base finds out about this and sets the mars base to destroy itself before the rescue team reaches them
(20:57:35) Andy W...: this is so it looks like the companys claim was real, thus the truth of what really happened is never found out but what the company doesn't know is that, the remaining survibors will do anything to survive, but will they make it, or will they show earth what really happened there?.......

I'm only going to keep this up here for a limited time, then i'll get back to work on the project. I just thought it was about time i released something about it. Expect big things to come in the future. Not in the near future though. Check out my website for more information. i will be posting a more formal storyline up there soon, and then the script.
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