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Author Topic: does anyone know how to alter the camera perspective relative to the screen?  (Read 3207 times)


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When you view a camera from an alternative perspective in a scene, you can see lines come out of the front that show the limits of what the camera can see and a box with a corner on each line that shows what the screen sees. I was wondering if anyone knows how to move the camera and that box separately, or if it is possible in anim8or or any other program or programming language and how to do it.


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How near the camera is to the frame can be changed by adjusting the Z-Near value.  This value can be adjusted from Scene mode, Settings>Environment>Advanced.


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Orange, its not possible to move the box from the camera, it is a result of the position and settings of the camera itself.

To change the box just change the settings of the camera (FOV, position)

Ensoniq pointed out the clipping planes, they show the first and last square from the camera, everything before the first and after the last plane will be invisible. The values show the distance of the planes from the camera.

That is all influence you will have on the camera visibility box.