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Author Topic: Anim8or X3D exporter and Swirl3D X3D to Collada modeling tools.  (Read 3549 times)


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Anim8or X3D exporter and Swirl3D X3D to Collada modeling tools.
« on: November 15, 2012, 12:47:42 pm »

Hey folks it's been a while since I last posted anything, but I've been toying around with Anim8or and the Cyworx 3rd party X3D exporter script. Apparently the script works quite well at exporting X3D models. I also found some free modeling tools in working with your Amim8or created X3D models available @ Pinecoast Download Site. They have free versions of a model viewer, X3D to DAE translator/converter, and an X3D editing utility which some of may find of some use.

FYI: The A8 X3D script exports the models geometry okay, but doesn't currently support exporting the models texture data; maybe some could take a look at the script to see if it can be modified to fix this issue at some point in the future.

PS: I believe the script was originally modified from the existing A8 VRML script to give some details as I understand it. I attached a copy of the script if anyone has use for it or would like to take a crack at getting the texture data output working. Seasons greeting to all. Leroy.