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Author Topic: problem: reducing corners in faces...!?  (Read 4323 times)


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problem: reducing corners in faces...!?
« on: March 19, 2011, 11:06:55 am »

hey guys, im here again...
its been a looong time.. ;D
but... ich modelling the weapons for a fps, and now i wanto to texture it in sculptris. but everytime i try to load my obj-file, it tells me, the face would have more then 4 corners. so, i sliced my circles in smaller faces(with 4 corners!) but i cant load it... maybe you find the "missing circle" or why it wont work.
thanks, max


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Re: problem: reducing corners in faces...!?
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 12:26:12 pm »

Maximilianibus ---

I did a couple of things.  I opened up your model in Anim8or, and I saved it as an object file, so I could look at the statistics in LightWave.  LightWave says there are at least two non-planar polygons in your model.  But one thing that is immediately obvious to me in Anim8or is that you created this from a bunch of separate primitives, then joined them all together using Build > Join Solids.    The only reason you would need to do that is to properly "weld" the meshes from individual solids together.  But you haven't actually done that properly, because you've still got "buried" faces inside what's supposed to be a solid 3D mesh.  This means you end up with edges that share more than two faces, which essentially makes it an "illegal" mesh, and may be what's confusing Sculptris.  Also, as shown in the attached screen shot, you've got some unnecessary and criss-crossed edges, which may be contributing to your problem.

[Edit]:  If you're interested, I cleaned up your mesh a bit in LightWave (mainly 'cuz it's a bit quicker, and I can do some operations that Anim8or can't).  I've attached it below.
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Re: problem: reducing corners in faces...!?
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2011, 11:48:03 pm »

scrupltris only works with triangles. get the triangulate mesh script off of the forums then use it on your model. once that is done export your model into obj or 3ds (which ever one sculptris uses) and import to scrulptris.

good luck with ur project.