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Author Topic: Nifty tool  (Read 41 times)

Kevin Gales

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Nifty tool
« on: October 18, 2020, 12:56:33 pm »

I wasn't sure where to post I am still experimenting on anim8or animation features
I decided to rebuild some of the old scripts I wrote to simplify my work anyway below I have attached a small nifty standalone software.

It contains the following, for now:
Video as background - this function adds video to anim8or to use as background can scrub backwards and foward or resize.

Auto Lipsync - this one translate papagayo lipsync export to anim8or.It uses about 10 phonemes

Figure merger - I decided to add this one too.This function merges figures.. for example you can merge a whole figure with any other bone of another figure,you can also merge the influences if you decide to do so.

All the functions takes less than 5 seconds to do their click then voila!

To install this software you just need to extract the zip then extract the 7zip exe to C:\
I have included detailed guides on how to use each function

If anyone finds this useful let me know..

You can download from my drive here

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