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Author Topic: Changes to Older Releases [builds 1143 through 1159]  (Read 16132 times)


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Changes to Older Releases [builds 1143 through 1159]
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:14:27 am »

Build 1159 January 29, 2015:
Build 1152 January 15, 2015:
Build 1150 January 5, 2015:
Build 1148 January 2, 2015:
Build 1146 December 19, 2014:
Build 1145 December 17, 2014:
Build 1143 December 10, 2014:

Major changes for build 1159:
View->FrameSelected command ('F' hot key): Frame selected points/edges/faces in Point Editor.
Extrude-Connected and Shell: Improve uniformity of thickness in extruded parts.
Linux/Wine: add temporary additional glFlush() calls to try and fix Linux swapbuffer bug.
2D: Edge Intersect Command: New command in Point Editor that creates new points when edged intersect. Works on a flattened mesh.
2D: Flatten Command: Flattens all points in a mesh to a plane. Used in conjunction with Edge Intersect.
Mesh Extrustion: Allow meshes to be extruded with the Build->Extrude command (in addition to the previous Splines and Text objects).
Arc Rotate MMB and Mouse Wheel: In perspective, Camera and Spotlight views the Middle Mouse Button and Mouse Wheel dolly towards and away from the Point Of Interest (POI) without moving the POI. With the <Ctrl> key pressed the MMB and Mouse Wheel zooms the view. All changes to Cameras and Spotlight are recorded in the animation tracks. I.e. with the green Animate Button changes add a new key to the position/view angle controller, etc.

Major changes for build 1152:
Point, Edge, Face Buttons: LMB clicking these buttons changes to Points-Only, Edges-Only and Faces-Only mode and automatically converts selections to Points, Edges or Faces. RMB clicking toggles each button independently without change any selections (the way the LMB use to work).
Highlight Objects/Bounding Boxes: moving the mouse over an object highlights it in the Object Editor with Fast-Select.
Build->ConvertToSpline: new command in Point Editor builds splines for chains of selected edges.
Fix #098-057: Opening a .obj by double clicking on an .obj file doesn't read the .mtl file.
Fix #098-058: Isolated points don't rotate or scale. -- Now all isolated points are put into their own group for rotation and scaling.
Delete All Morph Targets: new command.
Mouse Move Tolerance: increased to 4 pixels.
Highlight Color: changed to orange.

Major changes for build 1150:
'p', 'e' and 'g' hot keys in Point Edit mode: change to closer match Wings3D selection semantics.
Text mode key strokes: change to act like normal hot-keys if there isn't any selected Text object.
Mouse move tolerance: add a small tolerance to mouse move detection to reduce accidentally moves. Note: there are still a few tools that don't support this yet.
STL export/import: convert coordinates between Anim8or and STL standards so models aren't rotated.
Spline editing: now works with fast-select highlighting, etc.
Full Screen Start-up: changed the way full screen windows are done when starting Anim8or. Seems to fix the crashes in Win 8, Vista, etc.
Clicking on nothing in Object editor Move, Rotate, etc. deselects everything in fast-select mode bug fixed.
Fix #098-056 Double sided materials disappear when highlighted/selected using fast-select

Major changes for build 1148:
Not much here but I wanted to post a fix for #098-055.
New: Select only Points, Edged, Faces: As requested by several people, the hot keys 'p', 'e' and 'g' now
switch to point-, edge- and face-only mode and select points, edges or faces of selected components. I have some questions about how this should work. See 'p', 'e' and 'g' hot keys for details.
Fix #098-055 Enabled component types don't affect highlighting. Everything's highlighted.

Major changes for build 1146:
Object Editor: Update to use fast-select rules proposed in topic New Fast Select Question
Highlight Shape pointed to by mouse in Object editor - note - not done for wireframe views yet.
Don't delete: points/edges/faces in locked or hidden shapes.
Ctrl paint-select: added to remaining Point Edit tools.
Fix #098-054 Add edge can crash when splitting a face.

Major changes for build 1145:
Point Editor: Extend fast-select to more Point Edit Tools: Extrude, Extrude-Connected, Scale Faces, Peak Faces, Bevel, Inset, Bump, Point Slide, Extrude Edges.
Hidden Point/Edge Selection: Don't select hidden points and edges in solid views. Used to happen when Faces were disabled.
Add Edges: Automatically split faces when adding an edge connecting two points in the same face.
Remove Scale Faces and Rotate Faces tools: These are redundant since teh regular Rotate and Scale tools do the same thing.
Fix #098-051 Fast Select crashes when mouse moves over spline knots.
Fix #098-052 Select Connected doesn't work for points when edges or faces isn't enabled.
Fix other minor Picking bugs.

Major changes for build 1143:
More changes in Point Editor:
  • Rotate now uses Fast Select properly.
  • Holding the <Crtl> key allows you to paint-select with your mouse in Select, Move, Rotate, Scale, and ScaleNonUniform, and in normal Object editor.
  • Rotate rotates around the middle of the selection, etc.
  • See the updated topic New Point Editing Rules for more details.
Restore 't' hotkey used for Edit->Select->SelectFaceEdges.
Select Edge's Points as well when selecting an edge.
Memory Leaks: Fixed some major memory leaks.
Don't select Locked or Hidden P/E/F in Point Edit drag-select mode.
Disable <Ctrl>+RMB as a substitute for MMB. The <Ctrl> key is too valuable to dedicate to this.



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Re: Changes to Older Releases [builds 1143 through 1159]
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2016, 02:14:59 pm »

I'm having issues changing the active on cameras. Also, shadows don't seem to show after rendered.