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Author Topic: Expanding ability to use virtual folders  (Read 7297 times)


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Expanding ability to use virtual folders
« on: September 27, 2014, 02:53:06 am »

 Hi. The ability to group objects/figures/sequences and scenes into 'virtual menu folders 'is awesome. Certainly makes things a lot tidier and easier to find/access.
 It would be great if this kind of grouping could be continued into the timetrack in scene mode. Currently in the time track, there is still a problem with things being all over the place down the left hand side. It would be great if any morph targets attached to a figure could be shown 'seperately'' to the rig. As it is now, eg., you might have a dozen morph targets attached to objects, attached to a figure. To start, they might all be shown at the top of the list. Then, perhaps, a sequence is added, and all the bones are listed below the morph targets. Ok. But then, if you accidentally delete a morph then re-add it, or add a new one altoghether, it shows up at the Bottom of the list. This is where the fun, (not), begins, when you are adding morph target values and need to continuously scroll up and down, past all the bones, to get to those morph targets that have been added to the very bottom of the list.
 Maybe, if the object 'folders' were shown in the list, complete with morph targets for that/those objects, then bones and objects, (with morphs), could be kept seperate in the list.
 This scrolling through the timeline can be quite frustrating in large scenes, and maybe this would be one way of helping to keep things in an easilly accessable order.

 BTW. Have i mentioned that Anim8or is absolutely, massively awesome, and Congratulations Steve, for such a huge solo effort creating such a top notch program!!
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